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Nazaraliev One more candidate on a state post of the head has refused to stand

has refused participation in elections. This time nerves have handed over at doctor Zhenishbeka Nazaralieva. As he has informed on a press - conferences, having consulted to assistants and proceeding from the developed real situation in the country has made decision to refuse from participation in elections .

on May, 14th three from six candidates for presidents passed examination in a state language. Zhypar Dzheksheev and Akbaraly Ajtikeev have passed test, as they say, perfectly well . That you will not tell about Nazaralieve. This day was present only eight committee-men by definition of knowledge of state language by the candidate though under the law it should consist of 9 persons. Their opinion on results of testing of Zhenishbeka Nazaralieva was divided fifty-fifty. Therefore the linguistic commission has made decision repeatedly to check up the applicant for a post of the head.

But, as the doctor confirms, at all it became the reason of removal of its nominee. To stop struggle for a presidential armchair it has solved after the joint duet Bakiev - Kulov was again revived. According to Nazaralieva, it is positive news to the country people. In case of the union of the agent of national security and the prime minister of prospective split on the north and the south, probably, will not be. Besides, not to spoil the relation with the possible future head of the state, Zhenishbek Nazaraliev from - called the judicial claim to and. An island of president Kurmanbeku Bakievu. We will remind that earlier Nazaraliev has suspected itself of interview of the prime minister of one of capital newspapers where he speaks about eagerness to the power of drug barons and criminal elements. Also has brought an action against Bakieva. However, having considered the act, has decided not to ruin the prime minister on 50 million dollars and from - called the claim. But has submitted the new. Now on eks - president Askara Akaeva and too on 50 million dollars. Well it is not indifferent to this sum and to the power!

As he said, neither posts, nor a portfolio it is not necessary to it. Though, if will consider it necessary and will offer, it is ready to minister for the public good.