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The sovereign court in a siege

the History with capture of the Sovereign court has received continuation on Thursday in the form of meeting at Zhogorku Kenesha. A month: as work of the Sovereign court is paralysed. Supporters of deputies of several districts continue to live in a building. As they speak, sanitary conditions normal. Really, having passed on corridors, it was convinced - offices are sealed up, floors are washed up. Holding a meeting silently sit at steps of a ladder and in a hall. Till the certain moment. It has come, when in a building has unexpectedly appeared and as Kurmanbek Osmonov has unexpectedly disappeared.

Any negotiations it has not turned out. For all time of occupation anybody to dissatisfied did not leave representatives of the Sovereign court. And here the first attempt to untie a situation - on conversation there was managing legal department of Presidential Administration Anarbek Ismailov. It is difficult to name the begun alarm, hubbub and shouts negotiating process, but attempt has been made. Holding a meeting see only one decision of a question: a round table in the White house in the presence of mass-media and representatives from each district. In this case they are ready to apologise before Osmonovym for the occurred incident.

... And for the sake of it have gone on storm of Zhogorku Kenesha.
the Photo: Vyacheslav OSELEDKO

Requirements all the same: resignation of the sovereign judge and all judiciary board on civil cases. otherwise, - the woman from camp of aggressors has told to me, - as a last resort at us bottles with gasoline are already prepared. But we very much would not like, that such hour " has come;. Its fighting girlfriend already pulls me for a sleeve and, trying to outvoice crowd, gives out: Only force it is possible to make the certificate of civil nonviolent resistance . Here such philosophy.

while parents for truth fight, children sit at grandmothers, kitchen gardens are thrown, work costs. I ask: On what you live, than eat? - and they to me in the answer: And we do not eat, we drink tea. Us sympathising support: one two thousand catfishes has left, another then five thousand has brought. People help us .

And in the meantime on crowd hearings have spread that on May, 12th - last day capture, already allowed to release the order a building at any cost. Everyone busik, it is equal as well as each person in shape, calls suspicion and alarm holding a meeting.

the charter to wait, the great bulk was pulled to parliament, having left a court building on care of several women and old women. Here where the present representation has begun. In total at parliament walls was 150 - 200 persons. On the one hand shout: Down with Osmonova! Down with the Sovereign court! with another hoarse voices are audible: Down with Madumarova! To it not a place in parliament! . At first wanted ZHK to grasp the same as also the Sovereign court, but then plans have changed. Yes, when the input in a building blocks a cordon in five numbers, plans can really exchange. Long to shout in all throat it is heavy, and gradually crowd shouts have come to naught. And only active workers did not calm down in any way. And, trying to outvoice the person with a megaphone, one of them it is indignant - has with insult given out: E, well give chorus, and! . In fights between different groups it is absolutely not audible slogans, but only abuse and a floor-mat. Who for whom and where in all it truth - not to understand. Gradually the crowd has dispersed on lawns. Slogans with requirements have curtailed. By a dinner all has ceased, and only militiamen and guardsmen still for a long time stood at an input in parliament shoulder to shoulder.