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About dengahakaevauzhe pishutknigi

has not passed also two months from the date of overthrow of president Akaeva as about it already write books. One of these days in news-stands has appeared ordinary-looking broshjurka under the bright name How much money at akaevskoj families? . Has written its resourceful uncle Oruzbakov With. In hope at last - taki to learn the answer to a question for a long time stirring me, I decide to get to myself one copy. Greedily in a minibus I start it to read. Heads Private life and Hobbies Akaevicha interest a little. The list of the companies ostensibly belonging to it, all know already by heart.

Scandal around Bitela has not discussed, probably, only the lazy. Well where the delightsome sum of the bank account of a family, it is desirable with instructions of the name of bank and who will manage now their money?! Having reached last page, with disappointment I see that me have deceived. Neither in chapter 1, nor in the second, in the third exact data is not present. The author has picked up heading successful, but to work itself has not wished. And has pinched all information from sites of news agencies, local and foreign mass-media.

the book costs not much. But nevertheless it is a pity the money spent for it, - could eat good ice-cream.