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The delayed passports have prolonged for 2 years

Passport swindle of the former government has turned back a headache for the population. In State agency of information resources and technologies (GAIRT) at government KR forms of new passports have ended. Therefore since May, 12th all regional passport branches have stopped to accept statements of citizens on reception of the new document. It should call a panic among the population with the expired term of the passport. For today in GAIRT remains about 3 thousand forms, and statements - more than 60 thousand.

it simply any nightmare, - is told by the employee of passport branch of capital. - every day scandals. But people too can be understood, after all they remained without the document. For reception of the new passport the citizen should hand over the old. Now it cannot receive the document because in State agency forms have ended. And claims all to us. We even do not know what to do .

The Blessing though officials have met the population and have decided to prolong action of passports 1994 for two years. On May, 11th the governmental order " was accepted; About measures on maintenance with passports of citizens of the Kirghiz Republic . For document prolongation it is necessary to set the seal. It do in regional passport branches. Besides, period of validity of time certificates which stood out on half a year, too is prolonged for two years. But it concerns only those who yet has not received the passport. Destinies of the citizens who have lost the document while are unknown.

the Soviet passport of the sample of 1974 it will be possible popolzovatsja till December, 31st, 2005. What then? The answer is not present.

Akaevsky focus with passports has successfully ended only for those 20 thousand kyrgyzstantsev who has had time to receive the brand new document. The same decision has prolonged life to the rejected passports. Now they are valid not one year as it has been established earlier, and 10 years.

But at the population still it is a lot of questions. How to go abroad with the prolonged passport? A leah will accept our the nearest (and not so) neighbours the next innovations of Kyrgyzstan? Also what to do by that who remained without the document? We will necessarily trace these moments and we will inform you in following issues.