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Self-aggressors promise to revenge militiamen

It is known that located there some hundreds hectares of empty green space belonged earlier to Alamudunsky timber enterprise. Later the territory has been passed to balance of the state, and then - rented for 49 years in private hands. As now all speak, to an inner circle and native the former country leaders.

nowadays while the court solves a question - who will posess the given property, the simple people has moved and on these empty earths.

on a spacious glade, round the asphalted platform, the ten - another participants of self-capture established a yurta skeleton. Hardly at some distance, on a wet grass from a rain, with umbrellas, groups of gloomy people crowded.

the day before yesterday picketers were come to see by the mayor of capital Askar Salymbekov. Has made a helpless gesture, say, not to settle in any way to it this question: it is not authorised. Yesterday, in first half of day - two representatives of the device of the ombudsman of republic have glanced. The two guys presented as Narmat and Seil, promised support from party Tursunbaja Bakir uulu.

In crowd the person would flash like familiar to me: where - that of this guy I already saw On - to mine, in one plot of local telenews about self-aggressors

- Yes, I participated in self-capture near to Southern collars cities, - he admitted. - and the eyes saw, what lawlessness was made there by militia. At first like peacefully law enforcement officers have asked us to proceed on street Tokombaeva. There such as we, some hundreds persons have gathered. Armed with rubber bludgeons, militiamen have started to beat unarmed citizens! And have then set fire to the tents put by participants of this picket. Many remained now without left there before money, things. Those who could not escape, field investigators became to ram in militian UAZ . Under our data, more than 50 persons were missing. Some hundreds, especially women, have received serious traumas. And one - is killed! My acquaintance, the fellow 1975 year of birth, has died in 4 - j to city hospital. Kidneys to it have beaten off

- Many arrested persons at Southern gate - my interlocutor has sighed, - militiamen have seen literally to the door apartments. Also have threatened: if somebody is converted concerning infringement by militia of the civil rights - that will be unequivocally planted Now by us will go on a principle: we will continue pickets while to us will not give that major of militia who has organised all this slaughter-house! Let will find boldness - will come and at least will apologise!.

the comment of the expert

In search of a corpse of the guy killed by militiamen we were converted in 4 - ju city hospital.

- yes it is live! - was indignant and. An island managing branch of surgery and politravm this clinic Manasbek Esengeldiev. - I personally examined it. The victim had only bruises. Kidneys are perfectly in order. And in the morning his mother has taken away ostensibly on survey in a medicolegal investigation. If by the evening does not appear - it is necessary to write out, as infringer of a hospital mode.