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Oleg Gazmanov on tours in Ekaterinburg: - At all of us the strongest words consist of three letters!

the singer has joyfully sounded them: - the Air Forces, VDV!

Journalists have exhaled with relief and have begun to stick to a star with questions.

Gazmanov has arrived to us in five mornings on Monday, and, despite bessonnnuju night in the plane, has gone to walk on the centre of Ekaterinburg.

- your city Is pleasant to me, it is pleasant! - the singer has explained.

Probably, really it is pleasant, if before a concert in Space Gazmanov did not appear practically to the part. And a concert have detained - someone from musicians was cut, yes so is strong that it was necessary to call Fast .

We have taken an interest also in creative projects of the singer, on what Gazmanov has responded:

- My best creative project is my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter! I even about it have composed a song - the song is called The daughter . The daughter loves me, misses. All time with a tube telephone goes - for my call waits. She by phone tries to tell to me: I Love, the father! and speaks badly, and it turns out simply Ljubljup .

- And how your elder son? - All were not appeased we.

- And Rodion lives well! Has ended financial academy, now works in large firm. In music prakticheki is not engaged - there is no time.

And on a broader scale, Gazmanov much that has planned in Ekaterinburg - and on a city to take a walk, and in the Temple - on - Blood to descend, and to friends to call in, but... The tour schedule of the singer has not allowed it to execute wished - yesterday in the morning already has departed back to Moscow.

Happy journey!

And here is how organizers of a concert have commented on Gazmanov`s arrival:

- He such clockwork - absolutely on a place does not sit. Here also we run behind it, all time we try to keep up.