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The useless scrap of paper

Poor-quality at us in Kyrgyzstan can be even the passport!

What there was a surprise quite legislative bishkekchanki N when her have detained in airport customs Manas the Suspicion of peace officers was called, to put it mildly, by the strange document 1, shown kyrgyzstankoj. On different pages of this certificate of the citizen there were different numbers of the passport!

as in a consequence it was found out, such mistake was admitted by the working woman of the passport office who has given out the rejected form.

as a result a miracle - passports have not let out the proprietress from Kyrgyzstan. For its advantage, law enforcement officers assure: any state respecting simply will not let in the guest performer with the similar document. Certainly, N has bought the air ticket and even has paid the obligatory gathering raised before a departure from air passengers by administration of the airport. Who will return now to the woman its money?.

- According to 15 article of the Civil code, - the president of the Society on protection of the rights of consumers " makes comments on a situation; Vigens Vladimir Pluzhnik, - all material and the mental cruelty put to the citizen because of the state, it is obliged and to compensate. With assistance of our employees the citizen has prepared the letter with the requirement to oblige state to pay its expenses. Now this claim is considered by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic. But they have gone some other way: have decided to find the culprit and to oblige her to compensate a material damage of the suffered. By graphic examination they try to find out on handwriting pravonarushitelnitsu.