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The military physician treats people music

Kyrgyzstan - the country of paradoxes. Why? Well here, for example, the body at us is, and organists in the country are not present, and in conservatory of our such speciality do not train. Bishkekchane many years did not hear magic sounding of this tool. Here officials in the culture Ministry also have decided to give us a gift - to organise an organ music concert. To bear art in weights kyrgyzstantsev have offered Dmitry Ruzanovu - to the person not ordinary and very interesting. For example, giving concerts as the organist, it simultaneously is the practising doctor. Moreover, its many colleagues - musicians consider that concerts of Ruzanova possess therapeutic influence. He says that any concert of classical music is and there is a session of musical therapy. Yesterday this unique person has arrived to Bishkek and has communicated to our correspondent.

- I do not put before myself a problem - to treat at concerts. If my game helps someone - well. I simply select repertoire and I build the program so that music had the maximum influence on investigators. Classical music at all complexity should be clear all. I build the program so that stimulating compositions alternated with the weakening.

- Dmitry Efimovich how so it has turned out, what you, the brilliant musician, graduate Sankt - the Petersburg State conservatory, the student of the international competition, began to be engaged in medicine?

- Actually all was to the contrary. At first I have entered Military medical academy. On one of amateur performance rehearsals where I played the piano, to me has approached our head and has told that at me the good data. It has recommended to me to develop them and to arrive at least in musical school.

Ruzanov on perfectly has finished both academy, and conservatory. Ministered the doctor of military unit of Ministry Chrezvychajnyjh of situations. Work was, more likely, administrative. All this time our hero practised music, gave solo and joint concerts.

- as the army heads reacted to your performances?

- There were hysterics attacks. I with it had a war to the death. Everything that I did in the field of art, these people considered unnecessary and inutile. Now I understand that this normal perception of life of people in epaulets. 7 years ago I have left army and I feel sorry only that have not made it earlier. Each person should be in the ambry and surround itself with adherents.

- and how your colleagues - physicians respond about you?

- About! As soon as me did not name: both the charlatan, and the magician, and the madman. Though I never asserted that I treat music. Researches any on my bill it was not spent, and it is not necessary for me. It is just necessary to do something while there are forces, desire and health. And on those who says about my scurrilous things, I do not pay attention. I try to be over a situation.

- you already saw our body? In what it, on - to yours, is a status?

- I already even played this tool. Body good, very much even the successful. But here a hall absolutely not acoustic. But I will try to play so that investigators have taken pleasure!