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Veterans have celebrated 60 - letie

the Hero of Soviet Union bishkekchanin Dair Asanov tells Victories by red fish, how participated in solemn parade in Moscow, devoted 60 - letiju Victories.

Before us Putin

has taken off a hat we Will remind, as wrote on May, 4th, 2005, five have been invited to this action kyrgyzstantsev - participants of the Great Patriotic War. To aksakals honour to represent our republic in columns of the veterans invited from all the CIS has dropped out. Fighters hoary with age have solemnly driven on Red Square in bodies of present military trucks ZIS of times of 40th years. About what was to test again pleasure of the winner, the general - lieutenant Dair Asanov shares with readers:

- I was pleasantly surprised with one circumstance: for the first time heads of the countries have taken part in the Moscow military parade on the occasion of Great Victory both near, and the far abroad. So, have acknowledged our victory in the greatest for history of mankind to war all over the world. This fact I consider as the most important fighting award. To Moscow have been invited 160 with superfluous country leaders, and also - three eks - presidents of Cyprus, Poland and Romania. Imagine, what again to test pleasure of Victory when before you remove hats leaders of world powers!

is, probably, was for you the high point of parade?

it is pleasant pomotret on Putin not on the TV.

- another was most of all remembered. As many saw, participants of procession of veterans - representatives of each of Commonwealth republics differed the national headdresses. It was very joyful to see this diversity of skullcaps, fathers: old kind time was remembered - when inhabitants of the CIS were citizens of one boundless power! I and four fellow countrymen who have arrived with me flaunted in magnificent white Kirghiz ak - kalpakah. In such appareling we managed even to be photographed with the Russian president. Personally to me so has carried for the first time in spite of the fact that in the last some years quite often it happened to happen in Belokamennoj at official meetings of high level. After parade all delegations have gone to the Aleksandrovsky garden to assign flowers to a tomb of the Unknown soldier. Having rendered a tribute of memory to victims, Vladimir Putin has willingly agreed to be photographed with us. The head of Russia has told: the Great Patriotic War Lesson has taught us to unity. Only having united, we can confront now with the international terrorism and any attempts to repeat tragedy 40 - h. Twenty seven with superfluous millions human lives is an awful and bitter, incomprehensible payment for fascism defeat .

Narcomovsky hundred gramme in the President - hotel

- And a day before parade us, front-line soldiers, met along with heads of the states in Moscow the President - hotel ! I remember this hostel still with 80 - h years. Then it was called October . But since then this hostel became much more krashe. To me have told that there now individually designed 20 halls where simultaneously it is possible to place from above 2000 persons. And a kind from windows!. Not without reason the top floors a miracle - buildings are used often by film directors for shootings of kinds of Moscow: all central part of a city from quay to the Temple of the Christ - the Savior there clearly. A banquet, I will tell to you, have surpassed all our expectations. Imagine, what to other poor veteran from any remote place to pass charku, having had a snack its gentle slice of a salmon, a sandwich with red caviar. During that moment why - that the front ration - lean hardened suharik, a tank become permeated with the smell of a smoke soldier`s perlovki Cool spring morning on March, 23rd, 1944 nearby to village of Pjatnitsky Chuguevsky area of the Kharkov area was remembered. Defending that plot of land, mine artilleristsky the platoon has destroyed 8 German tanks, 6 armoured cars, has done in 40 submachine gunners. Four hours of a sheer hell! Till now this roar, this nightmare

the Inquiry

Participants of parade of Victory in Moscow veterans of the Great Patriotic War at times dreams on May, 9th, 2005:

- Asanov Dair
- Asanaliev Sapa
- Temirov Abdraim
- Valitov Baryktabas
- Kudajbergenov Scarlet

From the file

Asanov Dair Asanovich. The chairman of City council of veterans of war and work. Has passed World War II from Kursk to Prague. Having begun the front biography 19 - summer the young man - the private soldier, has finished it in a rank of the senior sergeant. The professional soldier with the experience 54 years and 11 months, the Hero of Soviet Union, the general - the major in resignation. Dair Asanov has received in fights of the Great Patriotic War of 6 wounds, has more than 13 awards:

a medal of the Hero of Soviet Union;

Lenin`s Order;

3 orders of the Red Star;

2 orders of Patriotic war of I degree;

the Honour Sign ;

3 medals For services in battle ;

a medal For defence of Stalingrada ;

a medal For Victory over Germany ;

a Number of memorable and anniversary medals.