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To us tourists were scared away by revolution tulips ?.

he has declared it to journalists on Issyk Kul, opening the next there next, VII International tourist fair Issyk Kul - 2005 . I the island of the president has assured representatives of foreign tour operators that disorders now in the country unequivocally is not expected. And issyk - kulsky akim Turusbek Mansurov in the end of fair has promised: police squads in a resort zone during a rest season will essentially amplify. In territory of each boarding house law enforcement officers begin to be on duty.

from local volunteers it is planned to generate special groups - as sunk into oblivion Soviet national teams . Also for execution of heroic watch will be recalled on Issyk - the Sack cadets of capital militian academy. Though the chance free of charge has smiled to these children to sunbathe on issyk - kulskom the sun

this year has opened even more boarding houses

On such optimistic note has passed in this year feast of tourism already traditional for Kyrgyzstan. We will remind, usually this action passes every spring in issyk - kulskom sanatoria the Kirghiz beach .

Buyers - basically the Kazakhstan and Russian tour operators - captiously study all pluses and minuses of the health resorts expecting foreign fans of beauty kyrgyzstanskoj of the nature. Certainly, this year so routine procedure has got a shade of a certain gambling. Fairly being afraid of absence foreign having a rest in the Penates, heads of boarding houses, sanatoria and rest houses with any doomed enthusiasm praised highly beauty and sights of native land. And the quantity of participants of the given show was even more than the past, quieter years: 130 kurortno - improving establishments, 80 travel agencies, and also 60 manufacturers of foodstuff. As if having agreed, all - from state officials to modest private traders of tourist business - assured curious visitors: more easy Kyrgyzstan of a corner you will not find!

- yes there was nothing here on March, 24th! - tells living in Cholpon - Ate the staff reporter of one known Bishkek newspaper, in passing the owner of small private boarding house. - having learnt on the TV about the disgraces created in capital, many hastily began to collect self-defence groups. Some even on everyone the fireman have got fowling pieces. And unlike Bishkek anywhere here there was no case that militiamen have left the fasts. I assure as the person specially tracing such events, the number of offences in area then has not exceeded usual limits. It and is clear: The overwhelming majority of the local live at the expense of profits of service of tourists. For whom it is necessary, that our corner of the world has passed for a dwelling of gangsters?.

by the way, Turusbek Mansurov has assured at a briefing of journalists that State commission actions at the government of Kyrgyzstan by definition of property of Askara Akaeva will not affect at all an operation mode of the health resorts ranked as the property of the former president

Welcome, but the input is forbidden

the Kazakhstan tour operators most of all has excited journey toughening through kyrgyzsko - the Kazakh border. As it is known, since May, 24th EvrAzES signed by heads the Report on modification of the agreement " comes into force; About mutual visa-free trips of citizens . We will remind, this document has been signed in Astana right after memorable Bishkek events on March, 24th. According to it, at mutual trips of citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Belarus to these countries the visitor is obliged to give to the customs officer the passport with zagranstranitsej. According to participating in fair kazahstantsev, such page is absent in passports almost half of their clients. That will essentially reduce number wishing to spend holiday on the bank of the Kirghiz pearl. Kurmanbek Bakiev has assured participants of fair that the given problem will dare not later than May, 25th.

and motorists from the near abroad on - former are disturbed by dashing GAI officers with whom so roads issyk - kulskogo coasts generously abound. To go for a drive on the car on a resort zone, it is necessary to be, perhaps, the millionaire, not stinting to distribute a bribe to employees of all ecological and God knows what fasts. Tourists are frightened by that circumstance that similar requisitions here can happen literally at each roadside bush.

Governor Issyk - Kulsky area has declared to journalists: Such amateur performance of inspectors will be strictly punished - up to dismissal from law enforcement bodies . During a resort season remains only two legal fasts of GAI - near Red Small river and at area border. And the sizes of raised gathering are accurately stipulated.

business on 100 000 000 catfishes

the Curious statement was made to journalists by organizers of fair - the State Committee management on tourism, sports and youth policy KR. As they said, the total sum of contracts of the transactions concluded there has made 100 million catfishes, anyway not less than last year. Also, according to experts of Goskomtursporta, flow having a rest in the country will not decrease. Under some forecasts, it will make over 70 thousand tourists. A fantasy?.

Vyrezhi also save

the Sizes of the gathering raised by employees of GAI on Issyk - the Sack from visitors having a rest:

the Type of transport the Local tourist the Foreign tourist
the Automobile car and a motorcycle 50 catfishes 500 catfishes

the Lorry and a minibus 100 catfishes 500 catfishes

and the sizes of gathering the administration of the region asks to phone About all noticed infringements of a mode (0373 4 - 33 - 77.