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As Uzbeks granitsushturmovali

I am not tired to be surprised to the Uzbek traditions, their strong intrafamily bonds. But most of all I am am amazed with quantity of relatives on soul of one uzbekistanskogo the citizen. Here, for example, in the night from 20 for May, 21st nearby 500 persons have approached to a throughput frontier point in a city the Penalty - Suu and declared the relationship with Bahtijarom Rakhimov. The matter is that the citizen of Uzbekistan Rakhimov have arrested on suspicion in the organisation of disorders in Andizhan. Its relatives have decided that they have all bases to seek asylum on the Kirghiz earth. Our frontier guards such quantity of people at border has forced to be fidgety. The crowd has approached to the bridge at night when the check point has already been closed.

- our soldiers have explained that cannot pass them, - has told to us the chief a press - services of the Frontier service of KR Gulmira Borubaeva. - People began to be indignant and did not disperse. They wanted to remain on sew to the earth as refugees. We have spent with them explanatory work, have talked, have explained that we can not accept them. In spite of the fact that it were, apparently, peace people, danger of break of border remained to the last.

relatives have staid at the Kirghiz border to half second night. The Uzbek frontier guards on fast were not at this time. They have left to sleep with approach of darkness and have appeared only in 5 mornings. On - visible, in Uzbekistan consider that in the dark infringers will be frightened or will lose the way.

in Kirghiz the Penalty - Suu these days easy, any disorders. On - former the visa-free regime in radius of 35 kilometres from border for local residents operates. Neighbours bring the vegetables and fruit on sale.

- at us the cheapest market in Kyrgyzstan, - tells Akim the Penalty - Sujsky area Abibulla Babanov. - Today has begun work one more check point Dostuk-Yntymak . Through it transport will go. People can go by cars, transport cargoes. This joyful event for inhabitants of both parties. To me one person from Uzbekistan has already come, gave thanks. After all 70 % of townsmen from our party have relatives on that side of the bridge.

It is planned, as the Uzbek check point Dostuk and kyrgyzstansky Yntymak will work round the clock.

and meanwhile the Uzbek refugees who are in camp in Suzaksky area, declared that they are going to return to Uzbekistan and to continue struggle against Islam Karimov`s mode.


For improvement of work of frontier guards the management of the Frontier service of the Kirghiz Republic has decided to organise a telephone hotline. According to the chairman of Frontier service Myrzakana Subanova, this measure will help to prevent infringements of military discipline among employees and command structure. He has promised that any complaint, any critical remark do not remain without attention. All who has claims to work of frontier guards, can voice them by phone in Bishkek 54 - 92 - 56.