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Self-burning is cancelled?

employees of Management of the Kirghiz railway (UKZHD) Gulnara Kerimbaeva and Iljas Chirikbaev, fortunately, did not begin to sadden a celebration the self-burning.

- to us there has arrived the high-ranking person, adherent Kurmanbeka Bakieva. His name we to disclose yet we will not be, - has told pravozashchitnitsa Aziz Abdurasulova. - He has promised to us on August, 16th after a dinner personally to pass our requirements and letters to the president. Also has promised that to 17 number the question will be solved. We have believed to this person.

railwaymen are assured that in the country there is a certain third force which would like to finish them to self-burning intentionally. And then to accuse of it the present power. Therefore some officials do not inform to the president all information on requirements of workers UKZHD. The high ranks of presidential administration accuse Of it starving.

as before, holding a meeting demand to remove head of UKZHD Kydykbeka Isaeva and to eradicate corruption.

- All fasts on the railway are now on sale and bought, beginning from the guide and finishing the head of department, - the chairman of working trade union of railwaymen Ernest Dokenov considers. - From the railway professionals are expelled, and instead of them illiterate shots come: without the necessary education, but paid the necessary sum.

by the way, railwaymen have carried to the last also the chief Kydykbeka Isaeva. He has three educations: the mechanical engineer, the economist - the manager, the diplomat. And here specialities the railwayman at it is not present. Also it is transgression about civil service.

if and this time the authorities will not satisfy the requirement of workers UKZHD they, first of all, will be discouraged in the come true revolution and again will continue hunger-strike. Potential samosozhzhentsy from the intentions to refuse too do not intend.


railwaymen already c Starve on April, 26th. Clearing of a post of the chief of UKZHD Narimana Tjuleeva of that time and all its command was their initial requirement. Hunger-strike lasted up to May, 18th. This day N.Tjuleeva have sent in resignation on request of the public prosecutor of republic. However after some days the history has repeated. Chief UKZHD have appointed Kydykbeka Isaeva, and the former participants of hunger-strike have opposed already new head. They assure that has changed nothing, and UKZHD actually is under control of former chief N.Tjuleeva. Therefore on June, 7th they have begun the next hunger-strike. It lasted before inauguration. And on August, 5th conductor Gulnara Kerimbaeva has written the application that is ready to make the self-burning certificate in the inauguration day of the president.

Phone call to chief UKZHD

- Kydykbek Shajdinovich, under our information, on August, 16th you should resign?

- And why I should do it? The financial position of the railways stable, collective works in a normal mode. Moreover, on the near future we have planned purchase of new cars, cross ties, building of the new railway. Have managed to reduce accounts payable to 50 million Catfishes. We simply want to work. Allow to us to work, and after a year you will see results. As to holding a meeting the majority of railwaymen were tired of this sensation. And if at all of us goes perfectly why only on request of 10 persons I should leave?

- according to demonstrators, you publicly promised it to make.

- Is not present, I promised to come to the president and to report conditions and if the head of the state considers necessary then I will resign.

- and you have come to the president?

- Is not present, you know, how it is heavy to get to it on reception.

when number

was imposed As Ernest Dokenov has informed us, their requirements and the letter at last - taki have reached the president and by it have been considered. The decision is yet accepted, but holding a meeting continue to wait and hope.