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Well he has not put a hand on the Constitution And what?!

the Material Inauguration: that have not shown on the TV (for August, 16th) has called a storm of emotions our readers. All the day long in edition those who observed of the oath of the president on the areas and houses at TVs called.

and for whose bill this banquet? - I want to ask?!!! After all for ours with you! And it when the majority bishkekchan after March, 24th have appeared are ruined. Really it was impossible to spend inauguration easier? And worthy application to this money always can be found in our poor state.

Anna Vozmeeva, the businessman, suffered from pogroms, 38 years. Bishkek .

Well he has not put a hand on the Constitution And what? The rights that journalist - Akaev swore three times, and did all not under the Constitution. The main thing - another: at last - that this revolution has ended! Now we should build the country. And we find out, why Bakiev has not put a hand on the Constitution And as to language. Akaev, by the way, an oath brought only in the Kirghiz language. So always was. Eventually, it is our native language and our president should take the oath on it.

Bakir Suranov, the teacher of history, 54 years. Bishkek .

I completely agree with your article about inauguration. How much I remember, anybody yet did not cancel Russian as official. But nevertheless ours respected Kurmanbek Salievich words on - russki has not told. We after all for it voted, thought, it will support Russian. And so also you will regret that have dethroned Akaeva. It - that with all found language

Tatyana Semenova, the pensioner. S.Lebedinovka .

Keep, Kurmanbek Salievich! All these attacks for a rage and feebleness. People do not want to understand that all has exchanged. The new head has come, and now all will be on - to another. Good you had an inauguration. Remember, how people on the area this Sunday exulted! So to Akaevu did not applaud never! Good luck to you, our President!

Temir Bajgaziev, the revolutionary. Osh .