Rus News Journal

The consul general of Great Britain was started up in races

It personally laid the Great Russian way through capital of Ural Mountains

- Earlier I went in for sports, - Klajv Thompson, the consul general of Great Britain speaks, - but now I will run only five kilometres, health any more does not allow.

Since May, 28th the Russian and British runners move on our country only run. Relay race is divided into 15 week stages. Till September, 8th sportsmen will overcome 11 000 km. For six days participants of relay race the Great Russian way cover distance 700 - 750 km. Every week commands change. On August, 9th athletes have reached Ekaterinburg. To support fellow countrymen Klajv Thompson has solved. It has run from a crossroads of streets Furmanova - Belinsky to DIVSa.

- We move precisely as hours, - Alexander Buslakov, the director of relay race has told. - I am engaged in that I count not money which to us are required, and kilometres, minutes, hours. Each sportsman in day runs on 20 kilometres. Unique difficulties is weather or a relief inconvenient for run. And when there is no the heat, some sportsmen run more than 50 kilometres. One sportsman as - that has run 83!

Relay race moves on a federal line. But it is frequent inhabitants of neighbouring villages and small cities call sportsmen to itself. Marafontsy not only run across Russia, they help children`s homes, shelters. Bring sweets, toys. Wait for them everywhere.

- We like your nature, - Stephen Flavel, the participant of relay race has told, - almost everywhere it is very beautiful. Good people, very hospitable and generous. Bread - salt there can be each ten kilometres.

- I would like to visit still, - Richard Holdejn, the organizer of relay race speaks, - but the wife speaks to me to be at home. Perhaps, next year we will arrive again.

to Richard of 58 years. In Scotland he is engaged in farming, and in Russia - runs. The program the Great Russian way he prepared two years. It would be desirable to run much, on the big country. Russia just has approached for this purpose.

- Any person is capable to participate in our relay race, if only was in good shape, - he considers. - look at me. But for this purpose it is necessary to run.