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In Bishkek there were spiders - ptitseedy

Two poisonous creations reside in apartment at naturalistki Elenas Gromovoj

the Small house from rat skulls

On a kitchen table creeps shaggy vosmilapoe a monster in size with a hamster. Slowly rearranging pads, ptitseed tries to accustom in new territory.

- both spiders live in kladovke - from a sin far away, - with tenderness looking at the monster, speaks to me naturalistka. - Heaven forbid, my child or the husband will reach them from - for the short-sightedness will unintentionally intrude in their dwellings. Here once has gathered was to feed one of them in the morning. I open a box, and the spider there is not present!

this day the mistress ptitseedov could not find to itself a place on work. After all this being one sting can kill a gorilla, not to mention the person. After arrival at once has found the pupil. It has nearby left from the dwelling - has hidden between books. Then only Elena has understood, how the spider has got out. The box cover ptitseeda has slightly burst, the crack was formed. And this monster could drag the massive paunch through a narrow manhole.

- on a broader scale they are homebodies, - the mistress is not appeased. - of the corner ptitseedy carefully take care. I, for example, from peat stick together a laying a web. And for durability add the rests from the meal. To a course there are chitinous armours of crickets, flies and cockroaches. In building business application to rat skulls and stones

Elena is found stops short. She sees my person deformed by horror.

- they that, and rats eat?! - I ask.

- is not present, only their newborn cubs, - explains naturalistka. - This delicacy I usually indulge a dragon and lizards - geckoes who also reside at me in apartment. Sometimes from a lordly table perepadaet and to spiders. On a broader scale they cannot be overfed. Otherwise they will very quickly be lost - in a year - ones and a half. And if to hold them half-starving will live in two - three times longer.

the story how the spider eats further has followed. According to the mistress ptitseedov, they gently clasp the extraction and as though kiss it. Poison which begins digestion process is injected into a body of a victim. After a while ptitseed starts meal. It bites through a cover. Thus, as assures naturalistka, the almost inaudible crunch of jaws is audible. And soon at a spider already is new building materials for the small houses

Dangerous intellectuals

For effective self-defence it is not obligatory to this spider to bite. On its paunch there are hairs. It too the weapon. In case of danger ptitseed pads the belly vigorously rubs. Microscopic rigid fibers scatter on the parties. It can call an allergy the person. After this amendment my desire to take on a hand a shaggy being why - that disappears.

Well and the mistress has planted a spider on the palm. It slowly, has waddlingly spread to a forearm. Its this first travel on a human flesh. Today Elena itself has ventured for the first time such risky step.

- they at me such silent the Present intellectuals, - Elena has smiled. - never will attack the first. Happens, truth that representatives of some kinds rush on everything that moves. But do it, besides, with a view of self-defence. Such animal becomes aggressive when somebody will intrude on its living space. Only do not do hasty conclusions. If it is necessary to it, will jump - will not have time to blink! It is especially dangerous to blow on a paunch.

thus the woman has curtailed a sheet of paper into a tubule and has blown at a roundish velvet trunk ptitseeda. That has in a flash appeared on the brink of a table.

the aksakal of the nature

- ptitseedy at once it were pleasant To me, - Elena speaks. - I alive have seen them for the first time in a terrarium of Alma - the Atinsky zoo. There was delivered a female of the South American spider. From a cocoon one hundred tiny cubs hatched. Newborns should be seated urgently on to holes - to plastic jars from - under films. Otherwise the children in a trice would gobble up each other. Ptitseedy - born individualists. Even the related individual conceive as food. Two I have taken away to myself. For some months spiders have grown to here such. At it, for example, length of a body where - that 10 - 12 centimetres. By the way, this kind in one thousand times is most senior, who goes, creeps or flies now by the ground. Ptitseedy have appeared long before dinosaurs. The present aksakals of the nature!

with these words the mistress has brushed away pauchishche directly on my journalistic notebook. Having landed on a paper, ptitseed scaredly zaterebil pads and has spoilt on a leaf.

- it attempted recently, the lassie. An infant rat has had breakfast, - it is guilty Lena has informed. - consider that it is the autograph for !

the Photo: Vyacheslav OSELEDKO


the Spider - ptitseed (Brachipelma Albopiloza) resides in jungle of the South America, at bottom of trees, in a wood bark and rotten foliage. Despite the awesome name, on birds does not hunt almost, preferring crickets, bugs, tropical cockroaches and other creeping living creatures. Ruins also nests. Usually eats just hatching baby birds. In 1965 the largest has been found in thickets of Amazon ptitseed. Scope of paws of this babies reached 28 centimetres. As well as at the majority paukoobraznyh, at ptitseedov the female is main. During courting she can eat easily the boyfriend even before pairing. But even if the lucky beggar will attract to the bride, chances to survive at it practically are not present. After fertilisation the got hungry female usually eats the the man . After conception and her days are numbered. Cubs hatching from cocoons first of all are accepted to the mother. That usually perishes, without having sustained stings of children.


- If will be any enthusiast who will decide to get ptitseeda houses, it needs to remember four simple corrected, - Elena Gromova advises.

- not to overfeed. Fattened pauchishche in bondage quickly perishes.

- the spider should provide a humidity and heating maximum. It is important, that the temperature in a terrarium was not below 23 degrees. Time in two - three days arrange to it a rain accurately spraying vodichku from a spray.

- the dwelling of your pupil should be reliable that the spider could not get out of it.

- If at you there live two spiders to hold them it is necessary separately. Especially it concerns individuals of a different floor.