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Anti-Christ should be born in Bishkek

In capital there were first ritual suicides of Satanists

Microdistrict “ the East - 5 “ cannot depart from shock. For a month four girls here have voluntary said goodbye to life. First two have jumped off from a house roof Ή 30 early in the morning on July, 12th. One of suicides, on attestations of eyewitnesses, has fallen to a tree growing near an entrance, having unstitched itself a stomach and a thorax.

- then some days here were traces of blood and interiors, - tenants of the house complain. - why - that anybody from urban services did not begin to clean all it.

and already on August, 8th in 14. 30 from the same roof two have jumped off more. During falling one of them has dropped a folder with set of leaves. The police officers who have appeared in time soon to the place of  destruction have found out that it is listing “ the satanistckoj bible “ Anton Shandora Laveja. So inspectors had a version that the tragedy has occurred on religious motives. Soon the guess has proved to be true indications of mother Nina - one of victims. The woman has shown an agonal note of the daughter and has told about heard in last minutes her lives.

That tree to which one of suicides has fallen.

- My daughter has died not at once, - the mother to the correspondent has told. - It has turned out so that it has fallen to the girlfriend. As a result the head remained is whole, but almost all bones have been broken. Therefore to rescue her life it was not possible. While it was still live, spoke about any “ to an innocent victim “ which they with the girlfriend have brought to a devil. Also has given me phone numbers of many acquaintances - Satanists.

anything similar earlier for Nina did not notice. She never was interested in religion. Went to school in the afternoon, and in the evenings earned - made bouquets in one of flower shops. Mother in perplexity.

I Rise on a roof. The iron ladder conducts directly on semicircular pjatachok roofs, as if specially created for a drunk sit-round gathering and parties. Here all is covered with drawings satanistskoj by symbolics and corresponding inscriptions. Living nearby tell that here constantly someone gathers. I approach to roof edge … Grasps spirit. Even to stand nearby strashnovato, and to look downwards there is no boldness. Why they have jumped off downwards? The militia has denied assistance to me to find out this question. I dare to find adherents of a devil itself.

the house Attic Ή 30 became a place of concourses of the Bishkek Satanists.

And a leah there were they Satanists?

On the channels has learnt the club address where Satanists constantly gather. And soon there to me have presented the close acquaintance of members of one of local kovenov. So is called some kind of “ a party cell “ adherents of a devil. At times they unite in small small groups for joint execution of the sacramentals.

- leave to me number of the cellular telephone, - the girl has asked. - I will pass, to you will necessarily call.

the call has not kept itself waiting long … Literally next day in the tenth o`clock in the evening to me have called. In a tube the velvet baritone was distributed:

- Hajushki! You wanted a meeting? It at you now will be. Only beer do not forget to buy. Us here three.

The Stranger named the address. In half an hour I with four bottles of beer have called at an unpretentious wooden door of apartment in a high-rise building of one of capital microdistricts. Has opened Avagdu so it was presented to me, - the low, harmonous fellow of years of twenty two, with a head of hear of a long curly hair. On the guy there was any strange shirt with set of graceful flounces and ruches. Men carried such clothes, perhaps, at the time of Byron and Napoleon. The impression of gloomy magnificence of the dress was strengthened by black colour of a shirt.

- Spetszakaz, - has grinned Avagdu, seeing, as I examine a mourning vestment. - the acquaintance has sewed to me in a gift on birthday.

my vis-a-vis has proceeded in a room shined with a tiny desk lamp. At an input on a sofa two girls in the black were arranged. The first - in a seductive black topic - was called as Keridven. Nearby the sitting sad dark-haired beauty has asked to name Ishtar. Me have set between two ladies. Keridven, playfully having embraced for a waist, has put the head to me on a shoulder. Have opened beer. Stunned by female attention and ominous surroundings, I have shy reminded all of the purpose of our meeting:

- Somebody knew victims personally?

there has come a burdensome pause.

- I was the close girlfriend of one of suicides - Tatyanas, - have suddenly exorcised Ishtar. - I did not meet More unbalanced person. Speak, its grandfather consisted on the account in psihdispansere with the diagnosis a schizophrenia. At times, when listened to this divchinu, caught itself on thought - the mental hospital on it too cries. She complained often to me that in it there lives an awful dragon, which here - here “ will devour all its internal essence “.

- Most likely, she also has persuaded the workmate Anna to make joint suicide which has occurred on August, 8th, - has entered our conversation of Keridven. - One my familiar psychiatrist told about shizofrenicheskuju an induction when in delirium of the patient normal people start to believe. It is probable, so Anna has caught Tatyana`s crazy ideas, from - for what and siganula with it for the company from a roof.

- I would not tell that all four have killed themselves not on compulsion, - has continued Ishtar. - Me told that the eyewitness of the suicide made on August, 8th in other pair - Nina and Elena saw. The taxi driver who has brought up them to this house, saw, how one girl has pushed another and only has then jumped itself. The same which have dumped, during falling like would have time to shout: “ I do not want to die! “. To a word: under my data, one of girls at times smoked hemp and that last night for them was slightly under a high.

Satanistsky symbols are drawn on all city. Especially it is a lot of them on a central square.

Satanistsky “ virgin “

- I not undertake to confirm, - has suddenly joined in conversation of Avagdu. - But, on - to mine, there was really an immolation on one sacramental known to me.

It appears, some years among Satanists of Bishkek walks such povere. Say, Anti-Christ about whom it is told in the Apocalypse, should be born in the centre of Asia, in a city where before there will pass a wave of orgy and mass robberies. Nine months prior to such Christmas of 12 girls at the age from 18 till 24 years the lives will sacrifice to the future Son of Darkness. 13 - ju - the close girlfriend of victims - will be selected to itself by the Lord of a hell, being to it in shape of the nonresident man shriving a Satanism. Anybody from local followers will not be a sign with this person. The stranger will tempt otrokovitsu, and that will give birth from it to the firstborn.

Marduk - one of gods of a Satanism.

From this point on opinions of my informants were divided. One began to assert that after a birth of the child mother necessarily should be lost. Two other story-tellers have minded, new “ virgin “ will correct the Universe together with Anti-Christ.

- if it is a question of such sacramental, - has assumed Ishtar, - that in it some discrepancies are admitted. In - the first, Tatyana was 27 years old. In - the second, it is necessary, that anybody, except a narrow circle devoted, did not know that suicides pursue the ritual aim. And on that roof all is covered with drawings by symbolics.

Probably, therefore the militia also has drawn a conclusion that admirers of a devil are involved in mass suicide. Butters to fire were added by a search in apartment of one of victims. There field investigators have found the reprint edition “ the Satanistsky bible “ the American occultist Anton Shandora Laveja, some other occult literature. As I knew, in Nina`s agonal note there were hints that last act in her life pursued the ritual aim.

and all - taki what for all four so advertised, what gather for a next world, moreover and under sauce of diabolical doctrinal statement? Avagdu and its companions consider that it was bravado. The act of four girls casts a shade on all Satanists. Even those who has not been got mixed up in any way in these suicides.

P. S.: For ethical reasons names of victims are changed


How to distinguish obsession a devil

Put on a table nine glasses of holy water from church and one with simple tap water. The examinee should not know, in what glass it is poured. If the person is possessed, he from any attempt will choose usual water.


As has told to the correspondent “ one of venerators of a devil of Keridven, in Bishkek live no more than 25 Satanists. And only five from them regularly spend ceremonials with bloody immolations. And those is not the most serious people. As she said, “ advanced “ followers of a cult of a Satan in Kyrgyzstan are, but they hardly when - or will find out the presence.


Avagdu, the adherent of a Satanism:

- the Victim to our gods and spirits become at all so. Usually it is arranged under accident. Or sacrifice is made in such lonely place where itself lines then will not find a body killed. But personally I and anybody from my acquaintances still never resorted to similar extreme methods. Every time we present to godhoods only human blood. Anything criminal here is not present. Simply during action its each participant does to itself on a body cuts by a ritual knife. Blood flowing down thus decant in a separate bowl, and all do of it on a drink.

after that you feel such inflow of forces!


- the Invention of local homebrew Satanists that Anti-Christ ostensibly should be born in the centre of Asia, the uttermost bosh! - protopope Igor Dronov confirms. - As the priest I can confirm, in John Bogoslova`s Apocalypse there is no even a hint on any geographical birthplace of the son of the Satan. Such data, truth, are in some hagiographas of orthodox sacred aged men. But there absolutely other co-ordinates are specified. Anyway - not Bishkek!


Sadyr Murzaliev, deputy chief ROVD of Sverdlovsk area of Bishkek:

- Concerning these four cases of suicide while anything I can not tell. Results of opening of bodies of victims are not generalised yet. Besides the inspector it is entrusted to them to run this business, has gone on leave recently.


Natalia SHCHADROVA, the vice-president of State commission on affairs of religions:

- Sect of followers of a Satanism the most amorphous and zakonspirirovannaja structure from what I know. In Kazakhstan and Russia, for example, churches djavolopoklonnikov are officially registered as the religious organisations. At us their adherents yet do not wish it to do. Our numerous attempts to leave on them always came to an end with a failure. It is known only that some Satanists at times hang out in one of fate - city clubs.

the CALL

to Satanists will help the ECCLESIASTIC only God!

Protopope Igor DRONOV managing office of the Central Asian diocesan management on KR:

- I Remember, when ministered in church in Orlovke, in Chujsky area, among my congregation there was one visitor from Kazakhstan. On a confession this young man to me admitted that there is no time consisted in satanistskoj the organisations. The poor creature was pursued literally by visions of abominable ceremonials which when - that created it and its former coreligionists.

it is interesting that when to this church-goer have suggested to put on natelnyj a dagger, that has suddenly tested a sharp, inexplicable attack of rage. And then itself was surprised the reaction. When I have dawned its sign of the cross, the fellow … is unexpected for myself have published any wild animal roar and have started back from me. It also is a sign of obsession evil spirits. It it is mentioned even in the Gospels. Only and it came to pass the guy could put on a cross. After that nightmares any more did not pursue it. I can confirm: against a Satanism the militia is usually powerless. Followers of such sect, with rare exception, do not break laws. Will not help here and psychiatrists. Demon-possessed in most cases do not suffer affliction mental deviations. As it will seem to you naive, the best means from such rubbish - a church prayer service. The one who at least time dealt even with satanistskoj the literature, needs church how mortally sick in resuscitation …

- Why in apartment of the Satanist where I have visited, hang a crucifixion and images of the Christian sacred?

- any contradiction in it I do not see. It is known that ministers of the Satan willingly use crosses and icons in the magic purposes. Also grandmas - znaharki also arrive. Why - that is considered to be that if at such granny on a table of an icon and daggers - it “ the Christian healer - the psychic “. But from hobby ekstrasensorikoj and white magic to diabolical satanic rites - one step. And a crown of such life - suicide. Still in the ancient time many orthodox sacred warned: the desire voluntary to die - a sure sign of obsession evil spirits!

and STILL there was a CASE

the House prokljat?

- For 6 years of 12 persons either are killed, or have finished life, having dumped from this roof! - Tells one their inhabitants of the house Ή 30 in “ the East - 5 “. - And only for last two months of 6 corpses - four satanistki and a two killed. And all has begun in 1989. Then the woman has committed suicide. A head has broken so that from a skull remains nothing. I saw - around its brains and a blood pool …

is a unique house in microdistrict where there are no lattices at an input on a roof, - its neigbour complains. - we were already got by these gadjushnik! Almost every morning the cleaner puts out from here disposable syringes and the used condoms. And we listen to music and a floor-mat - a refloor-mat at night. And all it occurs directly near by Sverdlovsk regional administration. We have written already so much letters - any reaction therefrom.


Uneasy inhabitants of the house Ή 30 was imposed have informed us that on September, 4th 2 more girls are going to be dumped from the same roof. Anyway, the young company spoke about it on an attic of the damned house.