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Not uchene - the darkness, and uchene - three thousand a year

Prior to the beginning of new academic year remains practically nothing. Forthcoming purchases will facilitate a purse of parents for a round sum

Not a secret that at each school the requirements to pupils. But there are general school accessories without which any schoolboy will not manage. In our table average market prices of the most necessary for the pupil are resulted. Parents, fasten! You should spend not less than 1300 catfishes for one child.

Besides, add on cost of rent of textbooks, about 150 catfishes. And also a school uniform and footwear. It is required to boys not less than two pairs trousers (nearby 300 with.), a shirt (100 with.), pair of boots (350 with.) and two pairs krossovok (500 with.). Girls are accurater. But also it is necessary for them two - three white blouses (400 with.), a dark skirt (120 with.), warm black trousers (250 with.), gym shoes for physical culture (200 with.) and not less than three pairs footwear (900 with.) . Thus, it turns out that on the average parents spend about three thousand catfishes a year. And it without expenses on every possible school actions!

How much is the child in school to collect

That is necessary How much (academic year) How much is (catfish)
for the Writing-book 20 in a section and as much in a ruler 40 h 3 = 120
to the Writing-book the general 5 in a section, 2 in a ruler 7 h 12 = 84
Handles 4 dark blue, 1 red, 1 green, 1 black 7 h 5 = 35
Pencils 1 idle time, a box colour 6 - idle time, 30 - a box colour
the Case 1 20
the Elastic band 1 5
the Ruler 1 10
Compasses 1 35, Set 100
the Protractor 1 5
the Diskette (for the senior pupil) 2 2 h 20 = 40
the Album for drawing 1 30
the Diary 1 25 (Russian 90 - 120)
Covers for textbooks 10 10 h 3 = 30
Covers for writing-books 5 5
1 steam 40
Gym shoes (for physical culture) 1 steam 250
Sportswear 1 complete set 200
the Satchel 2 2 h 200 = 400
Total 1370 catfishes

the Photo: Vyacheslav OSELEDKO

And At this time

Again will enter the form?

School expenses of parents can always increase by one thousand catfishes

the Question of school clothes stood very sharply. Often pupils go in a free form. Lycees and grammar schools demand to adhere at least to an official style, that is light top and a dark bottom. In a grammar school 6 there is a uniform form. Her parents reserve at own expense. It manages it almost in 1000 catfishes.

according to Olga Bryzgalovoj, the head of management personnel of education at the mayoralty, decisions about a uniform school uniform at us are not present. In some educational institutions under the charter it is not necessary to go in sportswear. Last year capital factories offered the services in form tailoring. And even displays arranged. But the state, as always, does not have money. And parents cannot allow themselves of it. After all in the market the Chinese school clothes cost three times more cheaply.



Aida Davletova, the children`s psychologist, the principal - grammar schools 63:

- I Think, the school uniform is simply necessary. In many foreign countries educational institutions have firm with the labels. It creates a psychological generality, feeling of unity, a family, an accessory to certain group. Besides, the uniform form provides social security of the pupil. After all not each parent presumes to buy to the child expensive clothes. And needy children have an inferiority complex. Therefore, to erase social distinction at children, the form is necessary! Besides, the school uniform disciplines and nurtures. Children should distinguish, where school, and where a disco.


Katya, the schoolgirl 9 classes:

- the Uniform school uniform is not necessary. All will to look equally. Let simply pupils carry a white shirt and a dark skirt or trousers. On feasts I can come to a class, for example, in a white skirt. In a cold in jeans or in warm trousers. And this form - at girls a skirt, at boys trousers and all. And any variants. In a class such chairs that you have not time to buy stockings. And more, the uniform form will cost much. My parents cannot buy it.