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I Suggest to reduce the salary to those ministers who is late for sessions

last days in newspaper edition in Kyrgyzstan some honeycombs of letters concerning article " have come; New precepts of our officials (from August, 17th). - I Greet and I support courageous and correct undertakings of Bakieva. Give - that God that in couple of months to it yet has not bothered to play the severe and fair father of the people. The main thing that to the place of old grabbers - officials have not come new, lazier and greedy. And here plans of the new president - to put power in private hands - have called me alarm. What it for the company which will introduce an order in this branch? For how much will give and on what conditions? And a leah we will remain without electricity as a result? Yours faithfully Anna Valentinovna Popova, the pensioner from Sokuluksky area. - that the new head such disciplined, of course, is good. It is necessary to build all these korruptsionerov and bureaucrats. And to dismiss all of them it is necessary. And then the command to type. Here it - that is possible will and sleep at sessions, and to be late Ruslan Satarov, the businessman. - it do not agree that it is necessary to cut down budgetary expenses on needs of state officials! We and so receive much less, than our colleagues in other republics CIS. And workers of a state machinery and clerks - especially And then we will be simply urged to take bribes. We after all too people, at us are families, we want to eat! Uhlan Kapashov, the state employee, 45 years, Bishkek. - if I had my way - would suggest to reduce the salary to those members of the government who are late for sessions or sleep during them. And that who has got used to keep silent, - personally to ask questions. When I worked in the Central Committee during the Brezhnev`s times, many officials were able to sleep with open eyes on Communist Party meetings. These people sit till now there, above. And such habit for certain remained with them. Anastas Dmitrievna Ivanov, the party member of communists, Bishkek.