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Who will replace Bermet Akaevu?

two candidates on an armchair of the deputy from University district

Re-elections on the most scandalous district are already known will pass, as it is known, on September, 18th. Names of applicants for an armchair of the people`s choice are not disclosed yet. But we knew that two candidates are already registered. The first - the opponent of daughter Akaeva at Bolot Maripov last elections, the second - somebody Trofimov. Besides, three more persons have submitted the demands. Now the district commission considers them. At others wishing to become nardepom still there is time to declare itself. Promotion term comes to an end on August, 22nd.

- to 18. 00 these days promoted workers should bring at least the statement, - the chairman okruzhkoma tells Zhyldyzbek Osmonaliev. - And till August, 25th to submit other documents. Within seven days there will pass check in. Thus, already 2 - names of all candidates on September, 3rd will be known.

Then propaganda campaign will begin also. According to the chairman, polling districts are already ready to carrying out of re-elections. All them 17, one in territory May Day, the others in Leninsk a disctrict of the city. Preparation process is watched by the local state administrations.