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Such materials raise unhealthy interest to fanatic sects

After a publication exit Anti-Christ should be born in Bishkek (KP from August, 18th) squall of calls of our readers has fallen upon edition. Some have come to edition to express the opinion.

- to noise - that have dissolved! Well have made a sacrifice to a Satan, and what? The Private affair of everyone how to arrive with the life and to whom or that it to devote. Ritual ceremonials - action not for curious eyes. It is not necessary to do from this show and to devote in such subtleties of all of those to whom about it the nobility not it is necessary. Will sleep more easy.

Dark_soul, the architect of the life.

is all because that the youth now grows, like cardboard at road, - in itself. Any general ideology, collective education and work! This nonsense appears from idleness. To put such it is necessary in special colonies and there to re-educate!

Zoe Alekseevna, the pensioner. Bishkek.

- I Guess, what will be reaction to this material. Will close an attic of the damned house, on it and will calm down. But after all a problem - that so you will not solve It absolutely in other. To the teenager, especially at the age of 14 - 19 years, are required any reference points in life. And, if want, heroes whom the young man could follow an example. And what ideals we, adults, can impart now to our children? Yes we can nothing!. Here our children also invent to themselves of new substitutes.

Maria Firsova, the teacher. Bishkek.

- I Consider that such materials as this, it would be not necessary to publish on a broader scale. They only raise unhealthy interest to fanatic sects. With such sectarians it is necessary to speak on - to another. Without superfluous noise and with employees of competent bodies.

Damira Usukeeva, the worker of law enforcement bodies. An edging.

- I live in microdistrict Alamedin - 1 . It too Sverdlovsk area of capital. It is no wonder that all it has occurred at us because the militia here at all does not work. Probably that girls not were lost, and someone has helped them. And law and order bodies try to write off all on suicide. It after all so it is more favourable, it is not necessary to search for murderers. Here deputy chief ROVD anything about it also could not tell.

Nurija Halilova, the private businessman. Bishkek.

- We were girlfriends of one of victims. That is created in Bishkek now, directs at us horror. Our friends - Satanists change in the face of. They keep away from us. But we precisely know, almost anybody from them would not like to become new victims of a Satanism. More soon all it would end.

N and I, girls - teenagers. Bishkek.