Rus News Journal


Dear edition of the newspaper mum of the girlfriend of one of the girl who have lost on August, 8th writes to you.

article about Satanists from August, 19th has called me an indignation storm. The author of article with such interest has described a den of Satanists, with such thrill has passed mysterious atmosphere of a meeting. I am simply assured that it has even more involved interest to this devilry. I am, of course, very glad, what your newspaper one of the first has paid attention to this nightmare, but why not after the first tragedy? How much still it is necessary victims that the mighty of this world has paid attention to our youth. What can offer today a city in exchange to a sit-round gathering on roofs and in cellars? If it is club it is obligatory in it there is a bar. Instead of to smoke there - well you simply sucker. The Whole world thinks only of how to fill the pockets to itself, and what price - it is insignificant. Among garbage, a city dirt gather and quite good children kill the time. But the street does the part. It is possible pokljanchit money at passers-by on student`s poverty. As it is simple - thus to earn on beer and cigarettes.

I want to bring once again condolences to relatives of girls. Their senseless death will not play any role in all this delirium - a myth that so the journalist has interesting described. It would be desirable to hear not opinion of ecclesiastics. To offer treatment from a Satanism church is so simply. Let`s remember that on a court yard the XXI-st century, instead of the Middle Ages. What psychologists, the public, school think of this misfortune? After all our daughters and sons continue to live in this mad world. If mass suicides have begun, means, it is necessary to recognise that the organisation has influence on minds and is the extremely dangerous to a society. And if the reporter has found a den in few hours why its site was learnt till now by the whole commission on religion affairs? It would be desirable, that the address was learnt by the law enforcement bodies which are, on - to mine, in eternal holiday, and all public organisations not indifferent to destinies of children.

think, people! Whose child will be following?