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“ Rosselban “ war is in the air

After  destruction of Evdokimova, has decided to find out security measures of our governor

- Edward Rossel, - speak in a press - service OblGaI, - uses escort cars only in those cases, “ when it is necessary to cross quickly Ekaterinburg hammered by stoppers, to reach the airport or to go with a trip on area “.

And as the city is hammered since morning till the night, and in the airport it is necessary to go constantly inhabitants should suffer presence spetskortezhej (to five cars with “ flashers “) Constantly.

Outside the city the column goes with a speed 150 - 250 kilometres per hour, depending on a road status. The maximum speed of the car is developed on the new road conducting in Koltsovo, which by the drivers remaining “ behind a stern “ name “ Rosselban “.

here in 1998 on the governor attempt has been made. An explosive, which capacity it was equal to 50 grammes of trotyl, has worked on a dividing strip. The driver has had time to turn away the car, nobody has suffered.

By the way, with the driver the patriarch of the Ural policy goes already more than five years and to failures never got. In administration of the governor rosselevskogo the driver characterise as the superprofessional and declare that its skill will help to save Edward Ergartovicha from troubles on road.

And as it became known, not only on road. Two years ago Rossel together with the driver was alloyed on Chusovoj by a rubber boat with the motor.

Boris Kortin, the chief of department of an information policy of the governor:

- Edward Rossel`s Protection is up to the mark and corresponds to the state specifications. The system of protection of the Sverdlovsk governor is fulfilled for a long time, and the situations similar Altay, cannot repeat. That our governor went without support on official action - such basically it is impossible. Hardly in security process it is necessary to introduce serious corrective amendments.

In registration - examination department of traffic police of Sverdlovsk area have told:

- What governmental cars have “ flashers “ - the classified information. However do not think that it is a lot of them, everyone such majachok to us to have to co-ordinate with a central board in Moscow.

the Ural plenipotentiary Peter Latyshev is included into number of exclusive state employees it is allowed to them to have spetssignaly, and can free move on open spaces of Sverdlovsk area.