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To Ministry of Health it is necessary new blood

Almazbeku Ismankulovu prophesy an armchair of the Minister of Health

The doctor about possibility to hold fast of the minister speaks accurately:

- While anybody offered nothing to me, but if such offer arrives, I will necessarily consider it. After all to be the head of such branch - a great honour.

according to Almazbeka Osmonalievicha, still at least 10 persons are hidden apply for this fast. Hearings about future purpose have appeared because it unique of all actively appears in print and conducts public life. About the first steps as the minister has told so:

- I have a vision of that as how to do with medicine, - Ismankulov speaks, - that it worked effectively and was accessible to all.

According to Ismankulova, the basic problem on which our public health services are in so pitiable status, - that on supervising posts are deep theorists from which practising doctors suffer affliction. In general, plans and ideas at professor Ismankulova weight. In case it will really hold fast of the Minister of Health, the doctor has promised that will get to everything, beginning from bungling cleaners of medical institutions and finishing manufacturers of advertising of tobacco and alcohol. And still the known ophthalmologist has told that can make attractive to rich people of the country an investment of money in building of hospitals, instead of a casino and the Internet - cafe. For this purpose the state should promote private sector development, but under rigid control.