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The carriage will get under way, and who remains?

the Next scandal between railwaymen

and management UKZHD has happened in the presence of the press

Workers of the railway on - former cannot find with each other common language. On Thursday the chief of UKZHD Kydykbek Isaev and its supporters have gathered in club. On a meeting have called journalists. The chairman of Committee on protection of the rights of railwaymen Victor Nefedchenko has opened session. In the flaming speech he has denounced holding a meeting, creating an arbitrariness and destabilising a situation .

- This small group of people does not represent the basic skeleton of railwaymen, - has declared Nefedchenko.

In the end of the speech he has urged collective to support head UKZHD K.Isaeva. And the collective has responded to an appeal. Machinists, signalmen and the other personnel in a simple working language called colleagues for stability.

in end a word took Kydykbek Isaev. It has in brief described a today`s situation in its department. Since August, 1st the salary at employees UKZHD has raised on 20 %, in plans purchase of 60 cars, 5 locomotives and a full computerisation of the enterprise.

opponent Isaeva conductor Gulnara Kerimbaeva (that which was going to burn itself in the inauguration day of Bakieva) has arisen in a hall unexpectedly for all. Chief UKZHD still stood on a tribune. He has noticed the opponent, but has not reacted in any way to its occurrence.

after the termination of performance the chairman has asked a question, a leah wants to ask somebody to the lecturer questions. Interested persons have not appeared, and session have hastily curtailed. Here - that also has begun all the most interesting. Gulnara Kerimbaeva has snatched with rebukes on Isaeva. To the aid to samosozhzhenke its co-workers have appeared in time. They demanded to ask them to speak. And near chief UKZHD its supporters began to gather. Fight was fastened.

- all of you see, - Kydykbek Isaev when I have asked to comment on all event has told to me. - I was simply tired of all it. Allow to me to work normally.

dismantlings have proceeded in the street. Both parties have begun the rough discussion accompanied by mutual recriminations and obscene expressions.

- what for they suit similar meetings and destabilise a situation? - The chairman of working trade union of railwaymen Ernest Dokenov, which too against Isaeva has asked journalists. - After all we since August, 18th anywhere do not act and we do not heat conditions. And who has granted the right to collect people in working hours and to arrange meetings?

- all of us are very happy with our chief, - Svetlana Mironenko has declared the inspector of branch of travelling communications. - Well also what, what Isaev on a speciality not the railwayman? But it the perfect economist and the manager. We get in time the wages, the status of our department has considerably improved. And those who holds a meeting, simply do not want to work.

shouts all became louder. Business has not reached nearly the hand-to-hand. But gradually passions have settled. The meeting which has outgrown in skirmish, has ended. All have dispersed on the affairs - one for work, others again to defend the rights.