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Guardsmen will fight for Chotbaeva

National guards Collective asks meetings with the president

Last Security council has excited National guards. Having heard reports on events on June, 17th, the decision to recommend to the president to dismiss Abdygula Chotbaeva was accepted. The general have accused that it has handed over the White house . And soldiers are assured that the president reaches the one-sided information also ask about a meeting with the head of the state.

- and what it should make on June, 17th? - Colonel Natsgvardii Akzhol Isaev questions. - to Allow the order to shoot at the people? It has not made it. We did not have forces to keep many thousands crowd at storm the White house . And the militia during this moment stood apart and stayed idle. Now of Abdygula Chotbaeva do a whipping boy. Even if it want to oust so shamelessly to humiliate the person as it is done by some officials, it is impossible. Same the fighting general about which merits all country knows.

by the way, to session of Security Council Chotbaeva have not invited. Though on a post it a member of this structure. Opinions of the general on events on June, 17th to hear have not considered the necessary. Now in National guards warriors - Afghans without interruption call and offer the help. Hottest of them promise to understand independently with officials.

and in a society it is persistent it is rumored that the place of the commander was required to someone to put the person. Guardsmen are assured, if about it have told directly, Abdygul Chotbaev voluntary would leave the fast.