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It was necessary to Bakievu to dismiss head of National guards then noise have lifted

- I so understand, this beginning of a lawlessness of the new power? So dared and to dismiss categorically the person who has directed to many efforts business, - nonsense utter. Even if it ministered to the former power. It seems to me, trajbalizm in our country will blossom and develop for all eternity!

Anton nevega. The businessman, Bishkek.

- To tell the truth, me it is personally insulting for Kurmanbeka Salievicha. It turns out, the new president has not the right to accept critical decisions! It was necessary to Bakievu to dismiss the commander of National guards then noise such have lifted And after all the head of the state simultaneously and the commander-in-chief Armed forces. So, to appoint and displace command staff. Me surprises that you, journalists, have transformed an ordinary case of rotation of shots into political scandal .

Victor of BASINS, polkovnikv to resignation, Penalty - Balta.

- Here that I have noticed in all this scandal As far as I know, not only Chotbaev, but also Aalybaj Kajypov, and Toktokuchuk Mamytov comes from the republic north. Perhaps, it is simple coincidence, but all - taki. It turns out that from the power clean all northerners, despite their experience and merits. I am to be believed that it not so. Otherwise it turns out that years of board Akaeva have taught us to nothing: as then, and now in personnel selection we are guided by clan interests .

Emilbek JULDASHEV, the private businessman, Osh.

- Dishonestly as - that with the general has turned out. Nevertheless it has much made for the country, so much years were at a wheel of elite division of republic. And now it as - as if have thrown out as superfluous. It is insulting .

Natalia SEMENOVA, the widow of the officer, with. Sokuluk.