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Deputies threaten Bakievu with court

In city keneshe consider dismissal of Chotbaeva illegal

Having come on extraordinary session, deputies have gasped with surprise.

they have learnt that on August, 26th under the recommendation of Security council the decree of Kurmanbeka Bakieva have dismissed from fast of commander Natsgvardiej Abdygula Chotbaeva. But as the general is also the deputy Bishkek gorkenesha, the question on its resignations should be co-ordinated with capital parliament so, anyway, there consider. Before session deputies have prepared the reference to the president in which reminded that this question should dare from their permission. After rough indignations and debate it has been decided to suggest to cancel Bakievu the decree about dismissal. And if the president does not make it, deputies are going to be converted into the Constitutional court, with the request to recognise the given decree illegal.

Deputies gorkenesha ask the president to observe the law.

- We agree that the president as the commander-in-chief has the right to release under the Constitution from posts the higher command structure, - tells the initiator of the reference deputy Andrey Filatov. - However there is a law About deputies local keneshej . There it is written that in case of dismissal of the military men who are deputies, the president should co-ordinate the decision with us. We consider that this norm should be observed. Especially, when the person, 13 years heading structure, learns about the dismissal from a mouth of the manager jurotdelom presidential administration is, at least, not correctly. We consider that Bakiev should accept general Chotbaeva personally.

For the president its administration has reacted. The chief of department on affairs of defence and security of Busurmankul Tabaldiev recognised some contradiction of laws. But the head of the state is the commander-in-chief. And the National guards are in its direct and direct submission. Therefore the president can dismiss its commander at own discretion and without the coordination.


Besides general Chotbaeva, on August, 26th Kurmanbek Bakiev has dismissed the vice-commander frontier troops of Aalybaja Kajypova and 1 - go the vice-president of SNB Toktokuchuka Mamytova.