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The faulty equipment of a concert does not spoil

the Microphone was disconnected one minute prior to performance of Bakieva

to Have fun at stadium Spartak have invited elite. It was possible to pass only on the invitation. To call delight of public and personally the president children`s and youth dancing collectives, and also stars of a local platform have been invited.

about arrival of the head of the state spectators have learnt only on vanity of militiamen and squeals of students. The last highly artistically waved tags, representing with their help symbols of Kyrgyzstan - the sun, mounts and lake. The program has begun with the dramatized show. Crowds of people chaotically ran on a scene and somersaulted, representing life in Kyrgyzstan till March, 24th. Remarkable the country after ward Bakieva became what, symbolose synchronous movements of dancers under cheerful music. Well trained voice whence - that from above made comments on all it is verses.

During this moment the microphone was disconnected. On tribunes have rustled, began to be indignant.

the Malfunction have quickly eliminated. There more that has approached it is a high time to act to the president of Kyrgyzstan.

- the way to independence was difficult, difficult and at times tragical, - is visible, Kurmanbek Bakiev hinted at events of ill-starred night with 24 for March, 25th. - today the government does everything to return trust of the people. After all if the power is not held in respect, she is doomed.

unlike the predecessor the new head of the state did not begin to lull public foty-minute speech and after short congratulations has again given a scene to actors. And during performance manaschi the equipment has again become silent.

and At this time

Right after performances of the president - about nine evenings - in Panfilov`s park the fire has flashed. The former billiard room that behind east tribune of stadium " burnt; Spartak . Extinguished fire of the car of the fire service, on duty on a concert. From - for chaoses of people and the cars parked nearby fire-fighting crews long could not drive into place. And still in fifteen minutes the flame managed to be localised. According to preliminary data, electroconducting short circuit became a cause of the fire.

victims on a fire were not. As to us have told at first aid Station, on August, 31st 6 cars were on duty all the day long. Two of them were on the square with 8 till 11 mornings. In this time to doctors one person with a high pressure was converted only. On a hippodrome and stadium too has done without incidents. In total neotlozhki left on a city of 359 times to people with serdechnososudistymi diseases and household traumas.