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Purpose of premieres - the minister is tightened

Parliament has spent all the day long to tell to Kulovu as it is important for our country

the First session of new session of parliament always calls heightened interest of journalists. Yesterday deputies simply bathed in attention of writing and removing conventual community. After all people`s choices should give to the country new the prime minister - the minister.

Kulova in a hall was not at this time. Declared a break. The matter is that Felix Sharshenbaevicha`s nominee in parliament have brought. But the corresponding committee could not consider the problem. It was necessary to wait for its decision. At first members of parliament have set some questions to the future prime minister. For example, what does he think of the initiative of some politicians to dismiss parliament.

- if elections of deputies have passed with legislation infringement it should be proved in court, - Kulov to people`s choices has told. - more nobody can dismiss parliament. Even it is impossible to make a referendum of it.

The potential head of the government asked about the economy future, a forthcoming cold season, gold, abolition of areas and to that similar. Answers of Kulova of deputies have arranged. Unanimously committee-men on the state device recommended to chamber to confirm Felix Sharshenbaevicha of the premieres - the minister of the country.

for the decision of a question the chamber has gathered only at o`clock in the afternoon. Then in Zhogorku Kenesh there has arrived Kurmanbek Bakiev. But by old parliamentary tradition discussion of the vital question was tightened. Almost all deputies have wanted to be voiced. Anybody from them did not doubt that Kulova of the prime minister is better is not present. But after all it is necessary to tell it personally, looking thus in eyes to the candidate. Therefore to 16. 00 final decisions were accepted not.