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Happen that, bodyguards of schoolboys will not rescue!

- from us every year raise money for repair. And money considerable. Ceilings bleach and a leah buy new curtains hardly every summer. And on replacement of conducting and fire-prevention stock at them money is not present. Perhaps curtains to buy less often?

Victoria F, mother of the schoolgirl 5 classes. Bishkek.

- Having read this article, I at all was not surprised. I, for example, know for a long time that administrations of schools tear up money, but at schools a little that changes. And fire services it is not better. How they allow to study in children at such schools?! I think that the Office of Public Prosecutor for good reason should undertake. Otherwise there can be a tragedy children " become which victims;.

Simeon Arkadev, the father of four children. S.Novopokrovka.

- After such articles even terribly child in school to release! It appears, a status of many schools awful. Though on repair parents regularly hand over every year.

and at school I am personally absolutely not happy with protection work. Money we pay in time, and they not clearly than are engaged. I saw, how they let in strangers, at all without having asked about the visit purpose .

Asija Kalykova, the homemaker. Bishkek.

- I had one question: what for such security service on a broader scale is necessary. On 500 - 1000 catfishes from parents tear off! Bodyguards supervise, that schoolboys were not late for lessons. For what then, it is asked, class teachers are necessary. When my children grew, at schools was not any SB, and anything - consulted! And I more than am assured: happen that, bodyguards of schoolboys will not rescue .

Gulnara Mamatova, the pensioner. Bishkek.

- I Think, about possible threat of acts of terrorism at our schools the author has a little exaggerated. And here concerning danger of fires the journalist is absolutely right. Bad electroconducting - the frequent reason of such states of emergency. On the experience I know that in many educational institutions conducting was changed by one ten years. It is good that though someone has paid to this attention .

Feodor Svetlichnyj, fire. Bishkek.