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The chairman of Natsbank have closed

the State Office of Public Prosecutor has decided to plant Uhlan Sarbanova under house arrest

Yesterday morning has begun for workers of National bank as usual - planerki, board meeting, vanity And at this time in parliament the general public prosecutor declared to deputies that the chief of NB KR Uhlan Sarbanov is planted under house arrest.

itself the originator has learnt about it from information the Internet - sites and almost at once has gone together with the lawyer to Beknazarovu. Entering into a building, Uhlan Sarbanov did not begin to answer questions of journalists. Promised to share the information after conversation. Outwardly it looked is underlined easy and cold.

just the same it left after conversation with the general public prosecutor.

- I consider that all charges are illegal, - he has declared to journalists straight off. - my lawyer considers precisely also. To me have brought accusations under two articles of the Criminal code. I have remembered one of them - use by the official of the office position contrary to interests of service.

Sarbanovu blame that it together with Medetom Sadyrkulovym has ostensibly passed president Akaevu of 480 thousand dollars.

that such house arrest, Uhlan Sarbanov has advised to learn from the State Office of Public Prosecutor. But it already has explained by then all. The chief of organizational management of Sumar Nasiza has informed that at house arrest Uhlan Sarbanov cannot leave certain territory. Therefore the head of Natsbank will not appear at itself in an office.

- the decision about house arrest has come into force on Friday, - has explained us a press - the secretary of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Almaz Dyryldaev. - the Preventive punishment will operate till the end of a consequence. Besides, the State Office of Public Prosecutor has already asked the president to release the chairman of the board of NB KR from a post.