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ANIMAL swindle

On Friday of hundred bishkekchan vainly tried to break in sports Palace on a concert of the Russian group Beasts

One acquaintance has bragged to me:

- And I here the ticket for a concert Beasts has bought! They on Friday in sports Palace act!

I have become thoughtful. To a concert there is less than week, and advertising - any. Really organizers so are assured of the notice what have not found time to spend at all promo - campaign? Have distributed tickets realizatoram at TSUMa, and all? The concert came nearer. But all the week long on one TV channel or by radio a word have not mentioned about arrival of popular group. For days to the beginnings I began to search for mysterious organizers to be accredited. However all searches by success have not crowned. I call to showman Nikolay Marusichu - can be, it will help something, will prompt where to search.

- what Beasts ? Saw where - that any is black - white posters. But advertising - that is not present! - informs me Marusich. - Just was at the director of the Palace of sports, but he did not speak about any concert of Russians. Yes, most likely, again will collect grandmas, and will cheat the people!

Has tried to extract the information from other sources. Vainly. All only remember that the concert will be in sports Palace. I go to cash desk of the Palace of sports. Here razveshany posters of several concerts of stars of the Kirghiz platform. And realizatory about any Beasts heard nothing.

- to us very young girls already came and too asked something about the Russian group, - the cashier has told to me. - even tickets showed one, bought at TSUMa. But at us the concert cannot be, because these days the agroexhibition passes

On an official site Beasts the concert in Bishkek really appears on September, 2nd. But any details it is not informed I Learn that on prospectus crossing Feel also Karpinsky`s streets saw the concert poster. I go there. Really hangs. But she informs only on concert continuation in club Heaven. Already long after midnight it was possible to phone in this institution.

- I just had a meeting with organizers of concerts, - has informed the manager of club Nazira. - I in shock, they have told that the concert will not be. Ostensibly Beasts should play the day before Almaty, but have not arrived. I do not know how to be. They say that almost all tickets for action in sports Palace are sold. We too already have more than half of tickets is not present

on tickets speculators put the Press the Kazakh tenge.

By the way, the slice of a paper guaranteeing an input on a concert Beasts in sports Palace, cost 150 catfishes, in price club Heaven were above - 500 for girls and 600 for guys.

come to an hour iks to the Palace of sports with tickets have read in the announcement: a pier, change tickets in acquisition places! A leah all will find the distributors? And a leah will want to return the last money back?

By the way, we managed to find out that to the capital firms which are engaged in tenancy of equipment, necessary for carrying out live a concert (and Beasts play alive), nobody was converted. What to do - features of national show - business

the CALL to the MANAGER

Now Beasts have a rest in Moscow. Tour - the manager of group Rovshan Vahidov in telephone conversation with our correspondent so has commented on a situation:

- the Concert in Bishkek will not be because organizers a concert in your city have not concluded with us the contract. From their party at all there was no down payment to group before a departure from Moscow as that is demanded by civilised rules.

- to the partners in Bishkek these people say that the concert was cancelled from - that Beasts Ostensibly should arrive to Kyrgyzstan from Almaty where they have cancelled the performance

- It`s totally ludicrous. Any Almaty in our tour schedule now is not present! The group at the moment is in Moscow, we only have arrived yesterday from St.-Petersburg


From household rajdera groups Beasts

For an hour before performance in a group make-up room (at the rate on 7 persons) the following should be given:

- water without gas - 25 bottles on 0,5 l;

- tea, cream, coffee;

- sandwiches with cheese - 10 pieces, sandwiches with a ham - 10 pieces, sandwiches with fish - 10 pieces;

- the cook - kola - 3 but. On 1 l;

- juice apple - 3 l, juice garnet - 1 l, juice orange - 3 l;

- fruit: bananas - 2 kg, apples - 2 kg, grapes - 2 kg;

- 50 napkins;

- 10 terry towels;

- 10 glasses;

- 3 ashtrays


In the Palace did not know At this time about a concert!

- Organizers of a concert came to discuss to us concert conditions still one month ago, - the deputy director of the Palace of sports Sergey Selivanov has told. - they asserted that represent any noncommercial program. Even named conditional date of performance of group Beasts - on September, 2nd. For official registration of delivery of a hall in rent it is necessary to sign still the contract, however these people we any more did not see And to distribution of the tickets asserting that the concert will pass in sports Palace, we at all have no relation because we respond only for granting to organizers of concerts of a hall

And STILL there was a CASE

In Bishkek cloned Zemfiru

It far not the first case when kyrgyzstantsy buy tickets for concerts which are not present. Here some examples from contemporary history. In 2000 - 2001 performance in capital of Kyrgyzstan of Nikolay Baskova was some times postponed. Each time organizers fed promises the public buying tickets in cost to several thousand of catfishes. For tickets anybody and has not returned money.

one year there was a concert of Zemfiry later. More correctly, Zema appeared in a roller, and on all posters the vast formulation " appeared a microscopic font; a concert - a copy . Advertising was so massed that the official site of the singer had to extend the information that any concert in Bishkek at Zemfiry is not planned. Even on air of MTV on it informed. And the spectators who have come on performance were content nonprofessional dvojnitsej heroines of Russian fate who wriggled on a scene under a soundtrack. There were some more similar swindles with doubles Tatu Shury and so forth As we know, producer Sergey P.Pozzhe it stood up for all these concerts was corrected and has most advantageously carried out some projects - Valery Leonteva`s concerts, Sofia Rotaru, for example.