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In Ekaterinburg wasps

They have raged pursue townspeople on work, study, houses

Are turned near stalls with fruit, in the markets, fly in apartments and offices. Wasps, unlike bees bite, instead of sting, (therefore and survive). In ranke there is only a poison. Two days ago it is yellow - striped vrediny have snatched at once two students of UrGU in different audiences of native university. Already the several inhabitants of Ekaterinburg bitten by wasps have taken away in hospitals with anafilakticheskim shock (one of allergy complications, in 10 - 20 % of cases come to an end letalno). Why in their Ekaterinburg so it is a lot of? With what it is connected?

At institute of plant ecology and animals of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences us have calmed:

is a temporary phenomenon. Simply weather stood hot, fruit has appeared, tents in which in them trade, in streets povyrastali. Here they near them also fly

Wasps eat juice of fruit. And for offspring, larvae, the albuminous food is required. Therefore wasps turn also near meat stalls, podgryzajut open meat. By the way, creeping on meat, wasps cling any infection including eggs gelmintov which can be in meat, and then transfer them on sweet pears, apples, bananas on pads...