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The Boeing could not fly up from - for an overload

Passengers have spent at the airport without meal and water two days

On Monday morning to us in edition the uneasy girl has called.

- us hold in the store the second day, - she has told. - to leave from here have forbidden. Nobody has provided us with meal and water.

It has appeared that flight 607 airlines Kyrgyzstan aba zholdoru to Moscow should take off on Sunday in 6. 30. However Boeing at the put o`clock has not flied up.

in Kyrgyzstan aba zholdoru simply did not expect such flow of passengers this day. All tickets have been sold almost. The part from them has passed through the company Itek Ejr . The plane has appeared is loaded by luggage, and tanks are filled under an outset.

- Rise in air with such weight Boeing could not, - representative NAK " has explained to us; Aba zholdoru at the airport Manas Sabyr Adzhiev. - Therefore passengers have replaced in another Boeing. But now the plane should sit down in Aktyubinsk and be refuelled. Now all of us do, that people have departed already to 11 o`clock in the afternoon.

the airline management has quickly sent inquiry to Kazakhstan on additional landing at the airport of Aktyubinsk or Uralsk. But the question decision why - that was tightened on two days.

the story of the passenger

To us the passenger from the Moscow flight Natalia Pugacheva - the citizen of Russia has again phoned. She has in detail told that occurred at the airport.

- in Manas we have arrived about 3 o`clock in the morning, since Saturday on Sunday, were registered. Flight began to postpone. We have stayed without meal and water till 11 mornings when declared that flight will postpone see you tomorrow, and us will place in hostels. Before it us have fed. A part of passengers have placed in any barrack where there were no conditions. In three nights we have again arrived on check in. A departure have again postponed. To us representatives of airlines suggested to refuse luggage, to cast lots, to eliminate 30 persons. We disagreed. To us did not allow to call. We could not buy here to eat. In cafe at the store for a glass of water demand 25 catfishes.

- that now occurs?

- there Has arrived our consul. Has demanded, that us have fed, have allowed to call. The decision is accepted that we fly to Aktyubinsk, and then - to Moscow. Promised that in 12 we will take off, then at o`clock in the afternoon. Already almost two, but promise to us that we precisely will today in Moscow. The consul has told that remains with us up to the end. Many flied with change. Tickets took in advance. Now they have burnt down. The consul has agreed, that these passengers have placed in hostel. The Kirghiz party to compensate a damage does not gather. Have told, if there are claims - bring an action. With us flies bishkekchanka with the visually impaired son. The boy carry to Moscow on operation. They are waited by the surgeon from Austria, and they for 2 days are late. Understand, operation by it will manage not in one thousand dollars, and now that will be with the child?

from 96 passengers of this flight 39 - citizens of Russia. They will depart precisely. And a leah here will get to Moscow kyrgyzstantsy - in doubt.