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The militia begins witch-hunt ?

Have passed round-ups of Satanists in fate - capital clubs

the Closed party it is ready went last week in one of capital clubs at full speed. They are young men who love fairy tales on vampires, put on only in the black. On parties appear in strange dresses, who with the temples shaved bare, bodi - an art ohm on the person. On their this meeting the police squad has appeared suddenly. Without long trials one of active workers of movement Natalia Podoprigora has been got rid in ROVD for evidence on the case of suicides of four girls.

next day law enforcement officers have again appeared in the same place. Also have demanded all documentation, including the tax inquiries, the full information on all workers of an institution. Owners of club have decided to talk to militia only in the presence of the lawyer and the correspondent It is impossible all heavy music, in particular and fate to connect with a Satanism, - the director of club Maxim Keller speaks. - I do not know, can, those girls to us and went, but we - then at what? They with the same success sometimes could come into Central Department Store, for example. But same not an occasion to begin any trials!

militiamen, having seen the solid woman - the lawyer, have almost apologised: a pier, work at us such, we carry on an investigation. As a result have agreed with administration that will sometimes drop in, glance, a leah is not present that suspicious

- In bodies experts should work, which would study similar okoloreligioznye questions to be well informed and able to distinguish one from another, - the lawyer Galina tells. - at us such is not present. One amateur performance . Here, I remember, about 20 years ago the case here such was. There have arrived to Frunze children at whom something like sect was. ponameshali both from Christianity, and from Islam, and from induizma. Their security officers at first from Peter have moved, they in Siberia have begun, and then them and therefrom vyturili. There was no in the USSR article for religious beliefs. They to us have moved. And under the law - that not to sap! Our native kagebeshniki to these sectarians simply a grass have thrown and have put in everyone on term. Here so at all of us also becomes easily...

And active worker Natalia Podoprigora almost has spent hour in Sverdlovsk OVD. As it has appeared, on a rendezvous with militia it has got casually. Simply its field investigators have noticed. To the lost girls of a rock ruff no any relation had.