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To play about a hookah is all becomes fashionable

the Invention of ancient Indians more popularly

in Bishkek

Here some years, as a hookah has registered in high offices the White house and in houses of the provided part kyrgyzstantsev. But recently this pleasure became accessible and for mere mortals. More and more representatives of middle class get in the dwellings new a toy . Quite often in kurilni look and 16 - 17 - summer teenagers - simply to be indulged

the Waiter! Coal!

Midday. Small cafe in silent the capital centre. Some little tables are occupied. Suddenly the bar counter has a girl of years of twenty and is converted to the barman:

- Coal at you is? At me has come to an end, and in an hour to me friends come

That knowingly nods. From outside, of course, similar dialogue sounds totally ludicrous. But only for those who does not know that in this institution here smoke some years a hookah

- Look, the design is simple, - the manager of an institution of Tolkun explains to me. - From above it is loaded coal. Do not think, it not usual coal, and wood which do at us of fruit breeds of trees. Tobacco is more low hammered. Tobacco too special - flavoured: a banana, a cherry, coffee, citron. It from Turkey and Iran carry. In a hookah water is poured. When you sip air from this tube, the smoke passes through water, is cleared of poisonous substances and cools down. It is very soft smoke, pleasant and with good taste .

- Who your major customers?

- from ours - young children more often smoke. Many girls, some even come without guys is more often. But there are also older persons. One of these days the woman aged ", for example, has come; under 50 also has asked to teach. Many foreigners. Naturally, Turks, Arabs, Iranians. There are Germans, soldiers from the American base come. By the way, Muslim women too smoke - we have some clients - Iranians, husbands it allow to smoke a hookah sometimes... Some repeat clients come every day. Is even such who and on two times for a day looks.

- than hookah smoking interesting youth?

- now it is fashionable. Well and, of course, sensations For example, a cigarette it is possible to be tightened awkwardly and the smoke burns a throat, there are other unpleasant sensations. And at a hookah a smoke soft. Many it is simple play about - play a smoke, it on a broader scale can be started up though from ears!

as they do it?

On a broader scale - that, on territory of Kyrgyzstan in commodity quantity more than one it is necessary to pay for hookah import a customs clearance . But it, of course, more often only the paper theory - all the same try to carry free of charge. Basically - the shuttles working in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The way is extremely simple - the hookah understands and taken through border in parts in different bags. It is said that frontier guards simply do not pay attention.

many our compatriots smoke for a long time already houses. Today a hookah - at all luxury. To get it it is easy enough. Speak, rather smartly trade in hookahs and accessories went in a supermarket Beta Stores but after known orgy goodness knows, where those Turkish goods walk ?

Today in the capital markets small kaljanchik which will suffice on smoking by one person, costs about 300 catfishes. For one thousand, two, three can be bought in capital supermarkets the unit more decently. And for four and at all a fairy tale - melhiorovyj, with stamping uzorchikami, the Indian manufacture. By the way, affirms that all hookahs of handwork. Add here catfishes 300 - 350 for a pack tabachku flavoured (on 15 - 20 times can suffice it) yes on a piece of coal with a stock (to take coal tablets do not advise - EFFICIENCY low) - still pair of hundreds. Also will be to you the budget of full pleasure ! It, of course, if you not the oligarch and to pull a sweet smoke to you it would be desirable not from the gold vessel inlaid with jewels. It is said that in Bishkek at some representatives business - elite meets copies in cost to thousand dollars.

one my companion has bought expensive Indian hookah for 2500 catfishes, popyhtel, popyhtel few times, and has thrown where - that on a case. It was not pleasant, speaks. It, means, to whom as.

- And me the friend on this business has placed - speaks 28 - summer Evgenie. - when at me the house hookah was got, so from time to time and is arranged with friends a party gorynychej as ourselves of name. First of all, of course, a dense supper. Then I do a bouquet from different grades of tobacco is I already has by practical consideration learnt. We light up. After - neither beer, nor vodka as some do, and konjachok. It is natural, as a background - quiet music: Pink Floyd, the Aquarium the Crematorium . Conversations on high subjects which then pour out in singing to the guitar. I at all do not smoke, to me process is simply pleasant - inhale deeply, but do not feel a burning smoke. Instead - easy euphoria.

skilled advise to light up a house hookah. Because in street kurilnjah it is necessary to sit at a usual little table, and tabachok and coal, frankly speaking, not all that well


Indians have invented it for treatment

When and where there was a first hookah? On it the bill exists set of inconsistent hypotheses. For example, in the beginning of the XX-th century the researcher of L. Wiener has established that the American Indians used a pumpkin for smoking, passing through it a smoke from decaying tobacco.

and the most widespread version of occurrence of a hookah connects it with India. Indians used a hookah as the device for reception of a powerful anaesthetic because they used hashish with an impurity of other herbs and spices. From here the hookah has extended through Persia in the countries of the Near East, East Asia, Egypt, Arabia, Northern and East Africa and on all territory of Ottoman empire. Indians in quality a vessel in those days the hollowed coconut was used. And here persians have started to experiment. Flasks which have been made of a coconut and a pumpkin earlier, they have started to do of porcelain, straw have replaced with a flexible hose from a skin of a snake. Innovations have made a hookah more durable and practical. As a result of other upgrades of the various periods we have a modern appearance of a hookah. By the way, some researchers assert that the hookah has more than 40 names, and all of them - the persian origin.


hookah Smoking on - kyrgyzski

Our person always was famous for special shifts and inventions as regards adaptation. If in the east in a role of a liquid for a hookah use nekreplenoe red wine (we will not remember opijnyh traditions) such weak and doubtful pleasure not especially seduces citizens of the former Union. Have thought up to fill in in a hookah beer, and special ekstremaly - and vodka. Naturally, it beats on a head is stronger.

there is one more Soviet feature. In Turkey and the Arabian countries for the client ONE hookah is loaded, and here we use the device on 2, 4, and even more the person. In a word, insanitary conditions.

hookah smoking is injurious to health?

On stand of pulmonology of medical academy where are engaged in studying of influence on a tobacco smoking organism, about harm of smoking of a hookah the data have no. And here the CART asserts that the smoke from a hookah, unlike cigarette, does not irritate mucous membranes of a throat or a nose of smokers. Various scientific researches have shown that filtering of a smoke of tobacco through water in a hookah reduces the maintenance of nicotine, phenols (to 90 %), small firm particles (to 50 %), benzopirena, and also aromatic hydrocarbons politsiklikena. However some other scientists assert that the smoke of a hookah filtered by water, nevertheless contains enough of other substances to recognise as its harmful. The majority of medical workers agree in opinion that it is impossible to compare a hookah and usual cigarettes. It is dangerous to health both that and another.


two companions - old hippies Sit, smoke a hookah. One is tightened:

- And you remember Ice Zeppelin ?

- About yes, Ice Zeppelin !

- And Dip Perpl ?

- about, Dip Perpl !

One looks, ashes

from above have collected - Hear, ashes bring down!

- about, Ashes Bring down !