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The Ministry of Internal Affairs arms with original ideas

to Disperse militia crowd will help Rugby football

About one month ago Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan was engaged in development of such unpopular and actually unknown sport in us, as Rugby football. At the beginning it has been formed at once two teams. And to all subjects of the ministry up to almost to ROVD have ordered to develop among the employees the British game. First it called bewilderment, but all has risen on the places at opening of a new sports complex the Dynamo . Then fulfilling duties of the minister of VD Murat Sutalinov has declared to journalists that ability to play football in practice cannot be applicable militia in any way. And here skills of game in Rugby football can be used up to dispersal of mass riots.

and here on sports base of regiment PPS the first indicative match between commands of Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Internal troops has taken place. In a lobby all gossiped supposedly from this game depends, the minister should look itself and if will countenance, will be cops to drive in Rugby football on obligatory employment on physical training. To tell the truth, it was believed hardly that for 20 days trainers from unique in republic of the operating command the SCYTHIAN can make something. But game has turned out.

first-year students of Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have strengthened two regbistami with the experience and the youth has shown rather worthy resistance to more powerful command of CENTURIES

Certainly, for us Rugby football - a dark. For example, here the pass forward unless a foot, but thus players of thy command should be behind is forbidden. To take hold of a ball, capture, as in struggle here is resolved. Naturally, from the first to understand all it it is difficult. The spectators who have gathered at stadium constantly each other asked again: and what has now occurred in the field, and what bill? But it has appeared what to observe of Rugby football where more interesting, than, say, behind a match of the championship of Kyrgyzstan on football. In the British command sport players constantly mutuzjat each other and only burn in passion. When you without interruption rigidly attack, here not pohaljavish.

... And at the same time and to teach known English politeness.

the Total bill - 22:10 in favour of the command of CENTURIES of 60 minutes of uncompromising man`s struggle and only one injured. The minister observed of a match with genuine interest. And after a final whistle it became clear that for introduction in system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs overseas game has successfully passed examination. As here Muratu Sutalinovu has been handed over the certificate of the vice-president of Federation of Rugby football of Kyrgyzstan.

experiment - business not one day. It is a pity to look sometimes on pepeesnikov, patrolling streets, - very unsportsmanlike kind children. To tighten physical training it would be advisable.

However our militiamen and so not bleshchut politeness in dialogue with mere mortals, and here them still which - to that will teach! Though, of course, if under impression of this British our game cops Will turn in the sample of a correctness like well-known English bobbi nobody will protest


After a match I managed to talk with and. An island The Minister of Internal Affairs the general - the major of militia Muratom Sutalinovym.

- What impressions of a match?

- it is magnificent. Rugby football much more zrelishchnee football. Every second something occurs, the spectator constantly in pressure. I think, in a year the real result will be already visible. Today played commands of Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Internal troops. I think that potentially they can have on two commands. Plus we will organise the regiment command Patrol - sentry duty. I think, through any time we can spend the high-grade championship of a city. The further step - we will try to organise commands in Oshe and Dzhalal Abad.

- who posesses idea of cultivation of Rugby football among employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

is my idea. In - the first, I sometimes saw matches on the TV. In 1997 to us there came the employee of service of the republic of South Africa on struggle against the narcobusiness, healthy such man. I in a private order have taken an interest - than he is engaged. It has appeared that plays Rugby football. Then many foreign colleagues said to me that in their states of Rugby football - a main kind for policemen. Complex skills of game then can be used and during service. For example, they very much would be useful for crowd dispersal. Committing excesses crowd, certainly.

- the Ministry of Internal Affairs will contribute in Rugby football development in all Kyrgyzstan or only in bodies?

- Today to me have handed over the certificate of the vice-president of federation of Rugby football. Personally I in process of forces will help development of this kind with republic, and as obliges - to cultivate it in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

from the file

the Federation of Rugby football KR exists any more the first year. But in this time on international scene the female national team has managed to show any results only. And that because in Asia catastrophically is not enough women`s teams. And here the men`s team repeatedly participating in the open championship of Kazakhstan, cannot oppose anything to intensive development of this kind in the next republic. There already there are commands in all big cities, players get wages! At the same time ours regbistov already repeatedly involved both in club, and in national teams of Kazakhstan. Neighbours on a broader scale are surprised:

- As you, kyrgyzy, can play Rugby football, without having normal financing, penetrating into game only on video schools, to come to us and to show resistance?!

all these years Kazakhs, by the way, also financed us - salaries to several trainers, the form, balls moreover for the money for the tournaments carried!

the inquiry

In the games which are bearing a faint resemblance to modern Rugby football, have started to play still in the ancient time. For example, and inhabitants of Ancient Egypt, both Indians of the South America, and the Roman legionaries shared on commands and tried to tyre out feet a ball in gate. By the way, Romans about two thousand years ago have brought similar game to British isles. Here - that the future forefather of Rugby football became rather popular among usual people. Rules as those yet were not. In games two big groups took part. Quite often as a result of crushes gibli the people, therefore many English monarchs entered an interdiction on crowd football but the people demanded shows, and game lived.

but Rugby football have also a present year of birth - 1823. The history has saved a name of the hero - William Uebb Ellis, - which contrary to rules the first was seized by a ball in hands and has brought it in a zone of the rival. There was it in small town of Rugby football of a county of Jorkshir. However disputes on what it is necessary to play mainly - hands and feet, - did not cease still many long years. Definitive division into Rugby football and football has occurred on October, 26th, 1863 in one of the London taverns where active workers of two parties have decided to disperse amicably.

For the first time in Rugby football played the Olympic games of 1900. However since then it in number of obligatory kinds yet have not included. The greatest distribution of Rugby football has received actually in Great Britain and its colonies, and also in France and Italy. From the man`s modular CIS the command of Georgia has achieved the most outstanding successes. Among women - sportswomen of the next Kazakhstan who are numerous champions of Asia.


Rugby football in practice

This game kind includes the whole complex of elements of other sports. Therefore it is clear, why the new head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has decided to add to the arsenal employees of the department of Rugby football.


Without struggle receptions regbistu anywhere. In - the first, in this game it is authorised three kinds of capture - bottom (in feet), (in a belt) and top (in shoulders), - which it is competently possible to carry out average only possessing certain technics. It can be useful at attack of the rival with a ball. At the same time attacking regbist operates much more effectively, when it can be released from captures.


In modern Rugby football many receptions of football were saved. For example, dyneobraznoj sphere it is necessary to get to gate. Ability kick a ball also can to be useful and in other situations. For example, to take out a shell far away from own test zone.

Track and field athletics

Speed in Rugby football is very important. It not only attempts to escape with a ball in a zone of the rival, but also work in so-called a fan - when attack at special construction of players develops on perimetre of all field. Here can be useful and employment by high jumps - at miss draw are special construction, when players in struggle for a ball throw the participant of the command who tries to intercept a ball the first.


Work in a gym is also very important game element. Therefore as the muscular weight is simply necessary for the normal player. In such rigid power struggle lungs regbisty cannot attack effectively the rival, make the way to collars of rivals. The heaviest players work in a line so-called fights is a special construction at draw of a ball after a game stop.

the Photo: Vyacheslav OSELEDKO

the Cook - to a pine forest

From Rugby football it is a little similar to the Kirghiz national game the cook - to a pine forest - kozlodranie. There is no, of course, a similarity between two these sports are limited only to that they are power kinds. But, for example, when competitions on the cook - to a pine forest removed for the channel Diskaveri the first association which has arisen at foreign journalists, - Rugby football.