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Bishkekchanin has congratulated favourite, risking life

For the sake of the girl the guy has gone down downwards from a high-rise building roof

And you speak, are not present on light of more romanticists! 24 - summer M.Bakaj has solved rather original way to congratulate favourite with day of its birth. That with a bouquet of roses to flit into a window favourite, living on the eighth floor, it had to master industrial mountaineering.

- wanted to make favourite pleasant, - the young romanticist has informed the correspondent. - to height did not give in, has been assured that to a smog

To an embodiment of the plan of Bakaj has approached thoroughly. Has placed on one of the Internet - forums the announcement that needs the help of the qualified climber, and even has explained, in what an essence of its invention.

- to me have advised that the climber, and industrial is necessary not simply. Such for which to swarm up roofs and buildings is a usual work, - tells Bakaj.

Suitable children who even money for the help did not take, were quickly enough. The romanticist and climbers have met in an agreed place. Already on a roof devjatietazhki detailed instructing has been spent. Bakaja have equipped with all necessary for descent, have fixed the insurance and began to lower on the eighth floor. By the way, neighbours that were not frightened, the young man has beforehand warned.

- certainly when I have appeared in a window of a room of my girl directly from above and with colours, it was simply in shock. Native it is too, - the guy shares impressions. - but have then estimated.

- here it is love! - sensitive girls sigh, examining photos and videos of this extreme descent which has been laid out by Bakaem on the Internet. However the guy asks not to hurry with such conclusions:

- the Love is when people know each other not one year, and we while are on friendly terms all some months. But I hope that in the future all at us will be good (has become thoughtful). Yes, the gift on birthday has given, so to say, has lifted a lath. What I should invent now for New year?!