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Is better it its entrance would sweep. And that business useful

After article exit Bishkekchanin has congratulated favourite, risking life (from September, 9th, 2005) to edition various responses to an act of Bakaja have come many. Their big part naturally from girls.

- never thought that presently still there were romanticists. Personally I after such act simply would thaw. Love, girls, simple romanticists

Svetlana R Bishkek.

- Pleases that behind all problems and cares of a daily bread the person could suit the present feast of soul for the girlfriend. Even if at them will not develop, its this act she will remember all life. Well done

Lilja, 17 years. Bishkek.

- Romanticism romanticism, and here if it has broken and has fallen, who would respond for it spajdermena. If to me in a window of the eighth floor here so have knocked, I on all life the stutterer would remain. To be delighted, having seen the favourite guy dangling behind a window, the normal woman cannot. If my loved one has thrown out the such, I on a roof would run, to lift it back, or in apartment would drag.

Aida, 29 years. Tokmak.

- Really presently still there are such courageous guys?! I envy that girl. But a leah it costed that. If, how the young man tells, it not love, that? Simply way to show off? Or adrenaline does not suffice? Is better it its entrance would sweep. And that business useful. I consider an act unjustified. Perhaps I am not right?

Masha, the student. Bishkek.

- I Can already congratulate Bakaja M.Lazat po to roofs it has learnt. So, when it is combined with favourite by marriage bonds, both will not starve to death: the guy can shabashit, trading in industrial rock-climbing. For New year I advise to it to make the following exploit - to present a bouquet favourite in a diving suit.

Elena Solovej, Sokuluk.