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As sits eks - the prime minister

Tanaev does not complain of maintenance conditions

every morning Nikolay Timofeevich some minutes looks in the screen of the switched off TV and has a shave. Simply in chambers mirrors are forbidden, here arrested persons and get out. Tanaevu deliver practically all newspapers published in republic. And here eks - the prime minister does not read the book. Daily it is authorised to it to receive clean clothes, foodstuff. As considers Maksimovich, maintenance conditions good enough. At Nikolay Timofeevicha even health has gone on the amendment. In the first day of abiding in a pre-trial detention centre at it heart and kidneys sharply was ill and urgently medicines were required.

every day eks - the prime minister - the minister visits its lawyer Ikrameddin Ajtkulov. He/she is the former chief 2 - go the investigatory management MNB, arrested Felix Kulova.

Today the former security officer represents the lawyer company Mukar and the Pro . The office is headed by the former speaker Zhogorku Kenesha Mukar Cholponbaev whom accuse of the organisation of disorders on June, 17th. CHolponbaev, by the way, still itself sat in pre-trial detention centre SNB.

During week-end Nikolay Tanaev has written the reference to Kurmanbeku Bakievu, Azimbeku Beknazrovu and a number of officials.

- I consider that all guarantees given to me before arrival to the country are broken, - Tanaev in the statement writes. Is there was a planned action to untwist loud criminal case and to finish it to court. Dear Kurmanbek Salievich and Azimbek Anarkulovich, I ask your intervention in preventive punishment restoration under the existing guarantee of deputies of ZHK KR.

And At this time

Whose it the citizen?

Till now nobody can distinctly explain, the citizen of what country is Tanaev. From informal sources of our edition it became known that the Russian citizenship all - taki is available for the former prime minister. Vladimir Putin`s confidential decree on which Tanaev and has received citizenship has been ostensibly published. Moreover, there is an information that Nikolay Timofeevich should head the Penza region which native it is. However, representatives of the former head of the government at all deny this fact.

- Tanaeva had many offers of the further employment, - Maxim Maksimovich speaks. - However he wanted to work in Kyrgyzstan, but not in public service. Concerning its Russian citizenship firmly I declare: Nikolay Tanaev - the citizen of Kyrgyzstan. And in Russia confidential decrees about citizenship are not published.