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Pilots will be under a wing of the president

Work of uniform national airline the head of the state

begins to supervise personally Parliament has started government formation. On Monday the structure of the future office has been presented deputies. For many people`s choices there was unexpectedness an abolition of the Ministry of transport and communications.

- we went to creation of this ministry of 10 years, - deputy Zhantoro Satybaldiev, the head in the past of this department is indignant. - in all civilised countries there is a such. And we get rid of it

Bakiev and Kulov have decided to deduce from structure of Ministry of Transport the railway and aircraft. On the basis of the first the state enterprise will be created. And here two state-owned airlines, the Three-copecks piece of Ejr and Kyrgyzstan aba zholdoru will be united in one.

- while conversations all it only, - the vice-president " speaks; Kyrgyzstan aba zholdoru Vladimir Eremin. - I here from the newspaper have learnt all it. The association initiative was from our party, but, on - to mine, and in the Three-copecks piece of Ejr understand what to hold two state-owned airlines it is unprofitable.

both steam locomotives, and planes will submit directly to the president, instead of the government. But not all members of parliament agree with such deal. Many of them named submission of two branches to the president the new corruption scheme .

- If deputies will prove to the government that Ministry of Transport should be saved, I am ready to go on compromises, - have declared to journalists of premieres - minister Felix Kulov. - And as to the railway and aircraft I have agreed with the president. Here anything such is not present.

In simple passengers of change will not be reflected in any way. The prices for tickets will not change.