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have forced to clean officials So the mayoralty has decided to put things in order in the capital centre

the New mayor has decided to make Bishkek a city pure and beautiful. And in the short terms. For this purpose he declared a month on a city accomplishment. Employees of all organisations, establishments, shops, cafe, high schools and schools as in good old days, leave on subbotniki on cleaning of territories. However to remember the communistic past it would be desirable not all.

- in our area it is a lot of state institutions. We have collected all of them on meeting and have asked to help, - tells akim May Day district administration Akparaly Karabaev. - Has ignored our wishes the Ministry of transport and communications. Solid establishment, and round a building the lop-sided fencing. Behind National library vagabonds suited a doss house. And the management of library also does not undertake anything, and to give the territory to a city does not want. As a dog in the manger.

Have not wished to put in order the sites fixed to them a cinema Russia factory Ilbirs the Olympic committee, stadium Spartak . It is surprising that the Bishkek university of economy and business, and also the fifth and third lycees have got to this list. Earlier students always fulfilled the duty to a city one of the first.

in the list of those who has received a praise of the head of May Day area, there were basically private cafes and restaurants. By words akima, still National guards as - that tries to watch the territory and Agrarian academy.

- if each official on - hozjajski will concern the building and a site around, already half-cities will be pure, - considers Akparaly Karabaev. - And with a dirt in a private sector we will easily consult. Now yard keepers work in two changes. Garbage continue to clean till 12 nights. I personally check.


- At us pure territory. The yard keeper cleans every day, - have informed the journalist at a cinema Russia . And last week we left on subbotnik all collective. For us before a building and lawns on the right side, and the territory is fixed to a cinema any more our site.

- the letter from district administration we have received, - has told to us a press - the secretary of ministry Gulmira Ibraimova. - In mandative tone to us it was informed that it is necessary to spend subbotnik. You know, today not those times that people to order. If to us have called and have politely asked, we would meet akimiatu. And the letter at all has been signed by anybody. We have not understood from whom it. Besides near to a ministry building there is a building. Let will oblige also builders to clean behind itself. By the way already on Tuesday morning round the ministry we have put things in order.