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There will be no gas - will remain without electricity

Kirghiz power are not ready to a swagger - to major circumstances

the cold season, and a question with gas Comes nearer and has not dared. And here also the director of thermal power station Lev Vasilev has taken aback townspeople the message that its enterprise by the winter is not ready. However, coal to us will bring in time and much.

- in 2005 on coal delivery it is concluded contracts in number of 1 million 200 thousand tons.

in a thermal power station cold season spends 750 thousand tons, - Vasilev has told. - it turns out that contracts we have concluded much, considering, what not all companies in a status to satisfy the contractual conditions.

should be already put 482 thousand tons of coal, and have delivered - 301 thousand. Blue fuel northern regions of Kyrgyzstan can not wait on a broader scale. The August contract with Uztransgazom and it is not concluded. Negotiations about deliveries of the Kazakh gas should come to the end still on September, 10th. But till now this question has not dared. As the capital thermal power station if our republic all - taki remains without blue fuel will work, is not clear yet.

for lack of gas the people to freeze and starve, possibly, does not become. Electric stoves will go to a course and heaters. Some years ago we have already endured such crisis. Then the whole quarters sat without light because did not maintain transformers. And what expects bishkekchan this year?

- last time we have consulted, though loading on the electric system has increased then in 3 times, - has told to the journalist a press - the secretary of Joint-Stock Company Severelektro Natalia Orlova. - If the situation will repeat, will provide all with an electricity much more difficult. Just in case at us the schedule of fan disconnects is developed. Guarantees that substations will cope with the arisen loading and the city does not remain in outer darkness, give can nobody.

And on a broader scale it has appeared that anybody from energetikov at all does not assume, as we will live, if gas is not at all in the winter. They have no the accurate plan of action and consider such situation as hypothetical. And two millions inhabitants of capital should remember crisis of 1999. Then meal prepared in streets, and newspapers read at candles.