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Corpses of pets are buried across all Bishkek

Annually in capital some thousand pets die. Where put corpses? On this question correspondents " have tried to find the answer;

Dangerous funeral

When my Bagirka - a three-monthly puppy has died - to carry and throw out it in a garbage tank at me simply a hand has not risen. I, as well as am necessary in that case, have wrapped it in a bed-sheet and have dug under a balcony. Then some more years went on mogilku - painted stones, carried flowers. Then, in my opinion, it there was a unique variant to bury the friend on - chelovecheski.

In Bishkek 3 persons from 5 hold houses living creatures. Every day dies on neskolku individuals. Urban services do not cope with such loading. And veterinary - sound alarm. After all quite often animal perish from illnesses which can catch and the person. It is the Siberian ulcer, ehinokokkoz, furiousness, jashchur and etc. Before recent time was considered that them the ruminant are ill only. But inspections have shown that they are inherent also in all other mammals. Health officers assert that the mushrooms which have grown on soil impregnated with ptomaine, become the reason of mass poisonings. And the burial places located on river bank, turn hardly probable not to the biological weapon.

- after death animals remain virus carriers, - the veterinary surgeon of clinic DoctorZoo Polad Sulejmanov tells. - Still any time harmful microbes can live on a corpse. Many infections concern the category of the soil. That is the burial place place can remain tens years dangerous not only for animals, but also for people. Simply by miracle we still bypass these sites.

cemeteries of animals in Kyrgyzstan was never. In the mayoralty cannot find sites that people to bury, and animals - especially. Here also it is necessary capital inhabitants to take out the died pupils on the country sites or simply to bury in the country. Those who are lazier, dig in corpses in the nearest parks, squares, lesoposadkah or is simple under a balcony.

- in 6 - m microdistrict in a nut grove where dig - you will necessarily come across remains of an animal, - assures Polad Ismailovich. - Or a botanical garden on Alma - Atinsky - Ahunbaeva. There bishkekchane under favour of the darkness bring the died pupils and dig in. People do not want to forget animals who considered as members of a family.

the Final abode of animals: in this furnace destroy remains of dogs and cats.
a photo: Vyacheslav OSELEDKO

Also remains only ashes...

After death our favourites become a biological waste. In Bishkek the municipal community " is engaged in their recycling; Meenet - service . On a city dump in the huge furnace trupiki our cats and dogs turn to ashes. Burn them in the general fire chamber together with the fallen cattle. Presence of owners on so-called cremation is not authorised. Owners need to be called in regional industrial complex of an accomplishment. There will arrive a dog lover who will wait a funeral of a pet in the morning. Services of industrial complexes for the population are absolutely free. But even it does not add it Clients .

- very seldom people are converted, - the dog lover of one of industrial complexes complains. - happens that in a week only one - two calls. And we not always can leave, only if gasoline is. And with it now problems.

about two years ago there were conversations on the thermal power station project - 2. At it it was planned to construct a crematorium. Italians even were ready to enclose money. Wanted there not only animals to burn, but also all biological waste. Now about the project have forgotten partially. Neither in the mayoralty, nor in urban services about it know nothing. Alternative so-called holes of Bekkari - skotomogilniki can minister. These are concrete wells depth more than 10 metres. Them fill through hatches. Corpses there rot through and turn to fertilizer.

- we put a problem now that in each area to make at least on one hole of Bekkari, - the main veterinary inspector of the country Talantbek Uzakbaev speaks. - At the union they also gained.

But also constructions of this kind cannot solve a problem. People after all would like to come on mogilku to become for years almost native to a small animal. And, probably, therefore we also bear remains of the favourites in the next park or square


the Cause of death almost 90 % of cats and dogs - age diseases. First of all it is oncological illnesses. On the second place there are gynecologic problems and various infections. And on last place - traumas. Most of all animals dies in the spring and in the autumn. For this time it is necessary peak of infectious diseases.


it Also will turn to a flour

Animals after death can become not only fertilizer, but also a forage. In many countries of the world there are special enterprises which are engaged in processing of corpses of animals on meat - a bone flour. In 70 - e years in the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic it has been constructed such 3 factories.

- These enterprises made belkovo - a mineral forage for cattle, - Bakyt Aliev tells the deputy director of Department of the state veterinary science. - corpses of animals from all republic were brought here. Collected animals and the birds who have fallen from illnesses.

factories not only provided with a forage all farms and economy, but also helped to struggle with environmental contamination. But with Union disintegration manufacture of a forage for animals has collapsed also. Now all sold in the markets meat - a bone flour is delivered to us from neighbouring countries.


In our country is not present any responsibility for a burial place of animals in parks or near inhabited constructions. And only at mass infection a grief - the grave-digger will fine, and in case of death of people will plant for two years.

and AS At THEM

Bury on - ljudski

the Very first cemetery of animals has been based in 1896 in America. Veterinary surgeon Semjuel Johnson from New York has suggested the friend to bury a dog in the garden. Now on a cemetery of Hartsdejl bodies of 70 thousand cats, dogs, horses, and also lions, rabbits, snakes, turtles, small fishes and a tarantula repose. This most prestigious cemetery in the world.

one more burial place of animals to which also more than hundred years, is in France. The ancient dog cemetery is in suburb of Paris Aner. Here brothers of our younger bury in metal coffins - cases. Under sounds of a wind band owners wait a funeral of the favourites.

the most progressive cemetery in Lancashire (England). There together with Murkami and Balls their owners repose also. For this purpose it is necessary to reserve during lifetime still a place to itself and the pupil.

in Germany all cemeteries of animals belong to private persons. Owners of kitties and doggies conclude the contract on a burial place. And every year pay extra to the owner for place rent.

In the CIS the first similar ritual services have appeared in Moscow in 1999. And the first officially resolved cemetery of animals will open only this year. It will be calculated on 17 thousand burial places. But before betraying a body of the favourite pupil to the earth, it should be cremated.


If your pupil has died or was lost, you can be converted into regional industrial complexes of an accomplishment. They take away the died pets.

industrial complex of an accomplishment of Sverdlovsk area, t.: 27 - 29 - 81.

Industrial complex of an accomplishment of May Day area, t.: 65 - 86 - 30.

Industrial complex of an accomplishment of October area, t.: 42 - 27 - 15.

Industrial complex of an accomplishment of Lenin area, t.: 65 - 47 - 06.