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Perplanirovki it is better to legalise!

on questions of readers Lyudmila PLOTNIKOVA, the lawyer of the Ural chamber of real estate (the termination, the beginning in from August, 2nd) responds.

- Good afternoon, Lyudmila Jurevna! You are called by Irina Beloborodova. I at myself in apartment have inserted windows. Has put the new. Now they at me reach the floor. Tell, it is considered re-planning?

- you have mentioned bearing designs and a house facade, it is re-planning. You need to legalise it. For this purpose you should be converted into your district court.

- my name is Maria Bertsova. A leah I without the permission of the authorities can glaze a balcony? And if is not present - where I for this purpose should be converted?

- for osteklenenija it is not required coordination in service of the customer.

- tell, and a leah exists any list which would establish what is considered re-planning, and what - is not present?

- there was a position about re-plannings Earlier, but it is cancelled in connection with acceptance of the new housing code. Now at an acceptance stage the new decision of the mayor about re-plannings.

- good afternoon! artem disturbs. Prompt how to legalise re-planning?

- you need to be converted into court and to bring therefrom the corresponding decision that to you have allowed to legalise your re-planning. Then to bring in service of the customer a package of documents: your statement, pravoustanavlivajushchie documents on object in which you have made re-planning. Plus the project of re-planning which the licensed firm should make. Addresses of firms will prompt to you in service of the customer which are in each area.

is long dares?

- is not present, quickly enough. At most month two - three.

- hello, Oksana from Ekaterinburg calls. Tell, what penalty is necessary for autocratically taken down wall between kitchen and a room?

- here it is necessary to look, you have cleaned which wall. The penalty for the illegal re-planning, established KOAPom, can make from 100 roubles to 15 thousand.

- and what means - a wall back to return? On a broader scale, to whom what difference. Mine after all apartment?

- Oksana, present - has taken down yours the neighbour from above bearing walls, has put pool on 50 sq. m. And what will be? Through any time this pool will appear at you in apartment. It after all the many-storeyed house, and you bear responsibility not only for the apartment. Therefore all of you equally should return a wall on a former place. And after that employees BTI will spend gaugings of a wall taking into account the new sizes, will give out you the corresponding plan. And consider, if the wall has been made of gypsum cardboard you should erect it from gypsum cardboard if from a brick - to erect from a brick.

By the way
If the person is the employer of apartment, instead of the proprietor it for re-planning needs the written approval of all registered in apartment.