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Why in Kyrgyzstan remove bad advertising?

correspondents have tried to find out, as well as for whom TV advertising

becomes in our country As to Genghis Khan have drawn a horde

On shootings of a new commercial of one of manufacturers of national drinks I it has appeared casually. The set is some hectares natures : the mount slope, the yurta broken by it, some tens horsemen in suits of medieval warriors - nomads and scurrying about there - here members of creative group. The scene when Main, he Genghis Khan, leaves a yurta acts in film, sits down on a horse, drinks from the marching flask of a certain miracle drink and discloses mounts a salutatory call. a horde supports it, merging in thousand voices. Cine a horde is a person thirty horsemen. Such here not mass mass meeting.

- Well, well, - I think, - will remove now as - that from below or, to the contrary, sideways, visually to increase quantity of warriors But all the same will look not all that well, on - provincial.

it is probable, any part of the reasonings has said aloud. The operator standing nearby has told:

- Yes do not worry you so, at studio all will finish

And you know, after some days, looking through the mounted version, simply was stunned Warriors have multiplied. Behind the first and the second numbers mongolo - the tartar - thousand rising upwards peak. And directly as presents (the photo see)! The roller should leave on screens already in the near future, therefore, as they say, watch advertising.

yes, are able to do sometimes at us a qualitative product. But the most part of that we see on our screens, - frankly bad, primitive advertising!

came as - that time to Bishkek two stray the Russian advertising affairs of the master. Have looked in the TV and were terrified:

- Oh - oh - oh that at you for television advertising such topornogo qualities! Directly the Middle Ages any!

have offered our children podnataskat, to show, how it, darling, it is necessary to do. Conversation with local magicians of advertising has ended approximately on the second minute. Russians have been sent where far away. Our experts have declared: what country - such and advertising.

by the way, some researchers seriously consider that quality of advertising in whole and television in particular directly is connected with national economy level. Remember, what awful product was broadcast by the Soviet television in days of reorganisation? At the best the photoshot on which letters flaunted, and behind a shot sounded levitanovsky a voice. And when on screens the stream of the resounded foreign rollers has rushed, for the Soviet person many clips were the miracle comparable hardly probable not with impression of a transformer - Terminatora in 80 - h.

the Motor! The chamber! Genghis Khan, has gone!

Learn to consume!

- to speak about advertising in Kyrgyzstan, it is necessary to take into consideration one very important thing - our society for the present only learns to consume, - the head of studio " tells; the Rocket - TV Ravshan Lichanju. - Our market, certainly, develops, but local television advertising has some specific features, the basic - malobjudzhetnost.

It appears, local customers cannot, and many and simply do not want to put up worthy money in manufacture of rollers. But, on assurances of manufacturers of advertising, the psychology of the customer changes in the best I will shift. Earlier with many it was very difficult to struggle. The pier, our owner wants here so! And interests nobody that it contradicts main principles of advertising and technics of shooting.

Besides, the market starts to depart from old traditional information forms - that, where, when. Though the advertising of the Kirghiz platform made by such principle, speak, has quite good effect. In Kyrgyzstan already there are large advertisers who are interested in manufacture imidzhevogo a product. But also now the share of information rollers is great - 80 - 90 % of the market.

- the advertiser puts up money, proceeding from market volume, - explains Ravshan Lichanju. - At us the market small - is not present sense to be wasted. But the customer does not understand more often that is not obligatory to show that he wants to sell, and it is important to create a certain remembered image of a product.

by the way, during viewing of a portfolio of manufacturers of television advertising conducting in Kyrgyzstan I have found out that in respect of workmanship and ideas in the country - that is a lot of rollers of high quality! But they, it appears, sit only in grids of cable channels. Why? - I ask one teleproducer.

- Yes because the overwhelming majority of people for which expensive advertising acts in film, are connected to to a cable - he has responded. - the provided people are and there are consumers of elite services, products. A leah

all other spectators will see good, beautiful and original advertising? Here while there is no occasion to optimism. Experts notice that revolution political has painfully struck on advertising evolution. After March, 24th in the market calm. A part of clients have suffered, the part waits, someone has left. If the economy the situation will change starts to grow. But, of course, here it is not necessary to wait for megabudgetary advertising projects. The market is too small. Only if someone goes tested all over the world by and will construct in Kyrgyzstan, for example, global creative agency with good technics, brains for work on other countries, including the far abroad. Many world manufacturers have understood for a long time that factories are favourable for building in China because there the labour is cheaper also raw materials. Or, for example, computer clips for Glucose are drawn by any guy in Novosibirsk. Sits to itself there - and to it it is good, and to the Moscow producers nenakladno. Then, maybe, will start to develop and local advertising.


We are able, when we want!

the Only thing kyrgyzstantsem, whose rollers were recognised abroad, there was known film director Aktan Arym Kubat. It has received a bronze figurine at the largest world festival of advertising the Cannes Lions and also a prize at the Moscow festival. However, it was a series of social advertising with national colour - Esen - Usen . It about two little boys who have fought, bearing home a water bucket. Their certain screen aksakal who has treated children by candies


the cheapest advertising, made any handicraft umeltsami has separated and has reconciled, will rise in 50 dollars.

average cost good, to measures of Kyrgyzstan, an information roller - 500 dollars. Imidzhevaja advertising in our country costs from 1,5 to 5 thousand $.

the Roller filmed, will manage to the local customer approximately in 10 thousand dollars.

budgets imidzhevyh rollers of some our companies read off scale for 5 - 10 thousand dollars.

television advertising manufacture in Kazakhstan costs 15 - 30 thousand dollars.

in Russia budgets of advertising clips make not less than 50 thousand c.u.

In world practice cases when for manufacture of one roller it has been spent more than one million dollars are known.

in the SUBJECT

to Act in film in advertising it is unprofitable!

Recently our manufacturers even more often use in TV advertising of professional actors of local theatres. However to become the person of any company - business is far not the most profitable. A maximum, on what the actor for shooting in a roller, - 100 dollars can count. And even it is less.

- know, to me happens awkwardly to offer national actors for shooting one and a half - two thousand catfishes, - one of domestic kriejtorov admitted. - But what to do, if at us in the country such budgets?

- neither contracts, nor contracts anybody never concludes, - the actor of Theatre of Russian drama Yury Shalev tells. - Budgets of rollers which sometimes very big, pass by actors. We manage only remains. Besides, already even in Russia and Kazakhstan it is accepted that payment for shooting is one, and use of an image in advertising on extensions or in newspaper modules is already absolutely other item of expenses

- Our colleagues from Kazakhstan told that in Almaty already as self-evident - the conclusion of the contract on use in outdoor advertising of an image in which the actor has acted in film, - the leading actor of Theatre of Russian drama Oleg Konovalov continues a subject. - Fees reach 3 thousand dollars Us about it even never ask!

actors first tried to create a certain association of actors, to establish the prices below which it would be forbidden to lower a lath of fees. Wanted, that there was a manager who would take on itself all negotiations with advertisers and protection of their interests. However from this it has turned out nothing. Everyone needs to feed a family. Therefore it is necessary to go on offered conditions.

And STILL there was a CASE

Advertisers have foreseen

Certainly, the most part of a television advertising product of a domestic production qualitative it is impossible to name March revolution. But at some masterpieces were unexpectedly showed providcheskie abilities. Some rollers, for example, have foretold March revolution in Kyrgyzstan.

Imidzhevyj a clip of one of capital supermarkets remember? The ill-matched crowd chases each other on the area Is scarlet - Too to shopping centre N. What`s happened, when people have reached it, showed in telenews on all world channels later.

- this advertising clip should become the first part of campaign, - speaks kriejtor the Rocket - TV Diamond Kabaev. - paid off that it will be twisted on air from 3 - 4 months before half a year, and then it will replace with another. But shootings of the last and have not reached

In running mass meeting of this advertising it has been involved about hundred persons. The majority - workers of Association Dordoj . To everyone have paid on 200 catfishes. As for shootings it was necessary to block off traffic in several large streets, the creative group had to be content only with two - three doubles.

other example - a roller devoted to advertising of the prize-winning action of one of domestic vodka brands. In its advancement the known Russian film actor is zealous. During captures of office buildings in Dzhalal Abad and the March pogroms which have followed it in capital on air of local TV channels actor N appeared on the screen in the military form, showed on a map settlements where draw of prizes is conducted, and spoke: we Will take Bishkek! . It is clear that those days on TV channels confusion reigned, therefore from an aether such ambiguous clip have cleaned only in some days.