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The student has handed over in militia of two thieves

the Victim it has appeared more strongly experts by cellular telephones. Skilled an opera in shock

Student Jeanne G went in a minibus, touched nobody and has suddenly felt that from a pocket someone akkuratnenko pulls it a hundred part . The girl, as from braked " has not had time to come round; busika two guys of years 20 - ti have rushed nautek. With its mobile phone, naturally. Jeanne was overflowed with offence and unwillingness to leave the favourite device, and it has jumped out after pilferers. Through some steps the girl has overtaken both (all - taki some years were engaged in the big tennis) and was accepted mutuzit by own handbag

- At all I do not know that on me has found, - the girl admits. - parents, friends then spoke: what for has communicated, it only the device, a leah is not enough that these geeks could make - to beat or a knife And I has been simply revolted to depth of soul: As it is possible in opened in the middle it is white day a hundred part to pull out! Besides it is a mum`s gift.

Afterwards two other guys have jumped out of a minibus on help to the girl. Thieves have taken to the heels downwards across Mira prospectus. Jeanne and children - behind them. It was necessary to call to the aid GAI officers who worked on a roadside. By common efforts fans to profit by another`s cellular telephones have been seized and brought in May Day OVD. By the way, at a search the knife has been found out in one of thieves.

- phone they on road have thrown. If not children who helped me, would not find it. I would go now without the device, - Jeanne speaks. - it is a pity that then it was not possible to find and thank them.

inspectors, having heard history about a self-denying act of the girl, have made a helpless gesture - the case first in their practice. Usually the weaker sex in such situations gives vent to tears, but does not rush in any way on thieves.