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On border there was a fight

the Inhabitant of Dzhalal Abad asserts that it was attacked by the frontier guard

Spouses Kalmurzaevy came back home from Hanabada on August, 7th. In Uzbekistan there live parents of the husband. Them is that and came to see Kalmurzaevy. As has told to us by phone Gulnara, her spouse Baktijar was late on the Uzbek border, and it with children has reached our check point and began to wait. On the request of frontier guards to show documents has told that the passport will be brought now by the husband.

- one soldier has suddenly started to use foul language on me. With me there was a six-year son, understands already all. I have told: What for to swear such words, calm down . But he began to swear even more. If I though have broken something, and for what has cursed that.

nerves at the woman have not sustained, and she named the frontier guard the fool. For what that has kicked it on a hand, and then continued to swear and jump on it. When husband Gulnary has approached and has asked, what`s the matter, frontier guards have tumbled down it on the earth.

- the fact of beating of the woman our employees does not prove to be true, - has informed us the chief a press - services of frontier guards of Gulmira Borubaeva. - To me have now sent explanatory notes all who witnessed incident. There are indications of the doctor of veterinary fast of customs officers. Our frontier guards are not guilty.

under indications postovyh, Kalmurzaeva outpassed without the passport. Documents were detained by the Uzbek frontier guards. The husband, probably, remained to plant with them, and Gulnara has tried to pass fast so, without papers. It, naturally, have not started up. When Baktijar has approached, she has complained that it tried to beat. Kalmurzaev has provoked fight. To the place of fight employees suzakskogo regional department SNB and ROVD have been called.

- To us did not give our documents, did not release us, - remembers Gulnara. - I have told that of them I will complain. They have suggested all to settle and began to drive me and children from the chief to the chief. On a ladder someone so has pulled me a hand that I have dropped the small daughter. One has planted me and has forced to read aloud the Criminal code: that to me will be for an attack on postovogo.

Under stories of Gulnary, them have kept till midnight. In a city it has gone to hospital, but for the night did not remain. Her spouse to doctors was not converted.

- to fast have called the car first aid . Doctors have examined our soldier and have fixed easy traumas, - the chief tells a press - services of frontier guards. - and Gulnara has come on survey only for the morning. So still it is not known, whence at it a bruise. And that they were held by 4 hours, quite probably. While have arrived SNB and militia while have made reports, have taken readings On - good, them should detain, but have released not to admit incident growth .

According to Gulmiry Borubaevoj, frontier guards in southern regions try to keep extremely politely, because a situation there the strained. A management of group of frontier control the South has made office investigation. Complaints of Kalmurzaevyh to wrongful actions of soldiers have not proved to be true.