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Irina Allegrova a fuse on kyrgyzstantsa

At a concert the singer admitted Bishkek to the man from the first row, what all the evening long looks only at it

That in a make-up room at Allegrovoj?

Almost three hours before the beginning of a concert we waited to Allegrovu behind side scenes in hope to receive at least the star autograph. Organizers assured that Irina Aleksandrovna even will answer our questions.

in this time we had time to get acquainted with podtantsovkoj and musicians from group of the singer, and also the importunate tax specialist. It repeatedly approached to us with the request to show tickets and every time threatened not to let in a hall.

Having used reigning vanity, we could glance in a make-up room of the singer. At this time the assistant of the actress prepared suits for a concert. On a question, how much dresses have brought with themselves Allegrova, the girl - the assistant has roughly responded:

- Here look at a concert and will count, - and has closed a door.

but such answer did not suit us. When the girl left behind the iron, all of us have glanced in a make-up - a lavatory. There for Allegrovoj have prepared ten bottles of mineral water, a little sams and two apples. In a corner hung three scenic suits and the well-known white dress of the singer.

the empress the Russian platform has arrived for half an hour to a concert. The black limousine has approached on an office input. The woman of impressive dimensions left the first of it. Behind her back we have made out not at once the singer. Allegrova has been dressed in a long frock coat darkly - green colour. On a head - as always, a wig on duty a la chemistry . Having entered, the actress has very benevolently greeted watchwomen of the Palace of sports. Irina Aleksandrovny`s mood as it seemed to us, was excellent. In an environment of protection, assistants and organizers of a concert the singer has proceeded in a make-up room.

Ugonshchitsa avoids on reception to a star it was not possible to us. At one only a mention about at it the desire to communicate with the press was gone. As it has appeared, article of our Moscow colleagues Allegrova has raged (from August, 25th) has left at the singer not the warmest memoirs. Same not to photograph and not to remove on videocameras not only behind side scenes, but also its condition speaks a scene also.

to us remains nothing how to pass in a hall. Frankly speaking, there was nemnogoljudno. The hall has been filled only half.

- And last time too only crept on it has gathered, - the controller has told to us. - the prices - that rather big.

as it has appeared, our spectators taught by bitter experience, began to assort tickets before the beginning of a concert. At first come, as well as it is necessary, took the places specified in tickets. But with the first chords of crowd of spectators have rushed to empty seats more close to a scene. Also have not regretted about it. During a concert of Allegrova time and again went down to spectators, went between numbers.

Has surrendered on favour of a hall

the Concert has begun with small delay. Public repeatedly called the singer on a scene, but Allegrova why - that did not appear. Until photographers have not departed from a scene from newspapers, a concert did not begin. But to avoid photosession to the actress it was not possible. As soon as it has appeared on a scene, our spectators have there and then got cellular telephones with the built in cameras and steels to click for memory Allegrovu And in vain rushed about on a hall of the security guard. The actress has surrendered. She has suggested all interested persons to make some pictures within one minute, but then to disconnect phones and to clean cameras. There and then near a scene the small crowd was going wishing to make a photo for memory.

then the concert has proceeded. The singer has sung songs from the new program Happy birthday . But why - that used special success the potpourri from old songs Allegrovoj. Then it some times went down in a hall and even has danced with our compatriot. With words: I look for a long time at you - the singer has invited the man from the first row. The shy guy tremblingly touched magnificent forms of the singer. And has finished a concert of Allegrova a song devoted to women. The hall gave a standing ovation