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All markets will be taken away by the state?

Reprivatizatsija of the market in the Penalty - Suu is quite lawful

the Market turatali in a city the Penalty - Suu is transferred to the possession by a judgement of the state. As a matter of fact, precedent reprivatizatsii the market has been created. Hearings at once have spread that the state will tidy up all large shops to the hands. The indignant owners turatali consider actions of the authorities illegal. We were converted behind explanations into the State committee KR on management of the state property.

- about the fact reprivatizatsii a penalty - sujskogo the market I hear for the first time. But such procedure is provided by the legislation, - the chief of legal department of State Property Committee Bolsunbek of Cossacks has explained to us. - if object privatisation has passed with infringements, returning to its state court quite probably. Let`s admit, aktsionirovanie it is spent incorrectly or owners had no right to buy state ownership - many different nuances.

check can begin after the complaint of any interested person - the dealer of the market, the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor. It is necessary to send the letter in the State Office of Public Prosecutor or the State Committee on management of state property, though in the government or addressed to the president.

OsOO Osh Markets too checked almost half a year. Have begun right after March events. The general director of the company, one of owners of Osh market Askarbek Shambetov, have been suspected of illegal privatisation. Check has proved the return. The situation with a penalty - sujskim its market does not confuse.

- it many times pereprodavali, and with infringements, - is told by Shambetov. - So it reprivatizatsija is quite normal lawful decision. But I consider, if the object has passed in a private property, all documents are perfectly in order, the state should be on the party of the owner and protect its interests. A penalty - sujsky the market - all - taki a single instance.

also it was found out that reprivatizatsija cannot be applied to the markets which have been redeemed at co-operative societies or have been constructed from zero. For example, Dordoj has appeared for no reason. As the president of association " has told; Dordoj Erkin Salymbekov:

- Time was not privatisations what can be reprivatizatsija!